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O.S. Rila 400 F/5.25 OTA w/72mm Focuser - Discontinued

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O.S. Rila 400 F/5.25 OTA w/72mm Focuser - Discontinued

O.S. Rila 400 F/5.25 OTA w/72mm Focuser

The Ricardi Large Astrograph is a breed of telescope all its own. The work of italian optical designer Massimo Ricardi, it modifies the Harmer-Wynne scheme, ostensibly for the better. The system is made up of an aspherical primary mirror, aspherical secondary mirror and a lens group in the back. The RiLA is corrected in the visible-near IR range, with more than 80% of the energy it's recieving focused into a space of roughly 4-6 microns RMS spot. Further of note is the broad field of view the scopes have; one of their main design goals was and is to cover a very wide corrected field with a very fast focal ratio.

This model of Ricardi Large Astrograph possesses a 400mm Aperture, a f/5.25 Focal Ratio, and comes with a 72mm Focuser. It's exceptionally fast for it's size, and the optics are all of the highest quality- conducive to a high quality viewing or imaging experience! It's lightweight for it's size, though it is still sizable enough to have notable weight to it and should be handled as such. The zero expansion carbon truss tube design includes two Losmandy type dovetails, three ventilation fans, mirrors heating, manual mirror movement, shroud and cap covers.

Manufacturer Product Number: RILA400-5


ManufacturerOfficina Stellare