Nikon 18x70 Astroluxe XL Binoculars- DISCONTINUED-

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Nikon 18x70 Astroluxe XL Binoculars- DISCONTINUED-

Nikon has produced some pretty impressive binoculars before, but with the Astroluxe XL they've gone even further beyond previous standards of quality. The rigid and durable all metal housing contains optical glass of the highest quality that is fully multi-coated to exacting standards. Thanks to the rigorous multi-coating procedures in question, you'll be able to clearly identify stars one half to a full magnitude fainter than those visible with ordinary binoculars of the same 70mm specification! The AstroLuxe XL provides pinpoint resolution that's entirely free from coma and virtually all spherical and chromatic abberation, yielding unbelievable brightness and contrast! With their resolution specifically tuned to the demands of astronomy, you won't find a better pair of astronomical binoculars... 

The retro styled metal casing is fogproof, waterproof, and shockproof due to it's nitrogen sealed metal construction. The Pebble Grained exterior is comfortable to hold on to, the eyecups are angled to avert stray light from your eyes. These Binoculars are known for keeping alignment very well through extended and heavy usage as well.

All in all, we're confident to say that you won't regret a purchase of Nikon's Astroluxe XL Binoculars. With an 18X magnification and potent 70mm aperture lenses of the highest quality the performance of these binoculars is absolutely splendid. With a rugged, durable metal casing the life expectency of these binoculars is amazing. So don't hesitate- treat yourself to the finest astronomical binoculars available!

Manufacturer Product Number: 8210