Meade Polaris DC Motor Drive - Polaris Series Equatorial

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  • Meade Polaris DC Motor Drive - Polaris Series Equatorial

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    Meade Polaris DC Motor Drive - Polaris Series Equatorial

    This Right Ascenscion DC Motor Drive for Meade's Polris equatorial mounts enhances the telescopes it is attached to by adding the feature of continuous RA tracking to the manual mount, freeing you from the hassle of manipulating the RA slow motion cable, and saving you from the unwanted vibrations often caused by doing so. With the Motor drive attached and engaged, the telescope can freely move at the sidereal rate; tracking any object within the majestic heavens, and keeping such centered in your field of view. Not only that- but the speed is adjustable, allowing you to alter the speed with ease to keep track of any kind of celestial object despite differing rates of movement in the heavens above; increasing your range from closer objects such as the sun, moon and stars- all the way to deep space nebulae and galaxies! The motor drive will on average keep you centered for a period of time ranging from 10 to 20 minutes before requiring re-centering on a well polar-aligned mount. The battery life for the mount using a 9V battery is roughly 40 hours, and the mount is compatible with both the southern and northern hemispheres, with a toggle between the two for function. Installation is simple, taking five minutes for most individuals- all in all, this mount will increase the convienyence of whatever telescope of the Polaris series you install it into dramatically.

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    • Hi, Can this motor drive be used with Orion EQ1 mount? Thanks.

      Probably not, as the Meade Polaris is the equivalent to an EQ2 mount, so the motor-to-worm gear connection is likely different than the one for your mount.