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Meade LXPS7 7AH Battery Pack - 12V DC - DISCONTINUED

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  • The Meade LXPS7 Battery Pack is a 12 Volt DC, 7 amp hour auxiliary power supply for your telescope or mount
  • Widely compatible with anything that will accept 12V power
  • Plenty of ports to power all of your gear
  • Built-in spotlight and flashlight and fused circuit circuit breaker
  • LED status indicators
  • Attached red reflector to save your toes


Meade LXPS7 7AH Battery Pack - 12V DC - DISCONTINUED

The LXPS Portable Battery Pack is a rechargeable power supply that easily fuels your telescope and other electronic devices in the field. It has numerous ports of various types to connect to, including two 12V cigarette lighter ports, two USB ports, and positive/negative terminals on the back of the device. The LXPS was designed with an inbuilt circuit breaker, and a fused circuit to protect the valuable equipment it will be linked to. As it possesses both USA and international type AC adapter plugs, you'll be able to recharge the LXPS both in the field and overseas. The Meade LXPS 7 also includes a super bright 30 LED spotlight and white flashlight with red filter attachment of adjustable intensity, built for allowing you to set your equipment up then take it down in the middle of the darkest nights. The LXPS is equally useful in emergency situations, such as when you need to jumpstart your car out in the field. With 7-Amp hours, the LXPS 7 is a highly useful compliment to any observing session, whether you are gazing at the stars to behold their beauty, for study and research, or to photograph them- this device can fuel your tools. The LXPS 7 Power Supply is compatible with the following Meade Products:

  • Max Mount Series
  • LX850 Series
  • LX600 Series
  • LX400 Series (RCX Series)
  • LX200 Series
  • LX90 Series
  • LS Series
  • LT Series
  • LX80 Series
  • LXD75 Series
  • ETX Series (Versions with power connector on control panel)


  • Wide Range of Compatibility
  • Numerous types of Ports
  • Circuit Breaker inbuilt
  • Fused Circuit Inbuilt
  • Built in Adjustable Spotlight/Flashlight
  • 7-AMP hours

Important Note: Be sure to properly maintain the life of your Meade power supply by recharging the contained sealed lead acid battery regularly. Meade recommends once every 180 days when stored at less than 50 degrees F, once every 90 days when stored between 50 degrees F and 80 degrees F (most common), and once every 45 days when stored between 80 degrees F and 104 degrees F. Protect from regular exposure to high temperatures over 100 degrees F.



  • Two (2) DC Cigarette lighter adapters with plug
  • Plug adapter (OD 5.5mm, ID 2.0mm) to (OD 5.5mm, ID 2.5mm)
  • AC adapter
  • EU international adapter plug
  • US international adapter plug
  • UK international adapter plug
  • Red filter cap for built in flashlight(pre-installed)
  • Carry strap (pre-installed)
  • LXPS 7 Instructional manual