Meade LPI-G Monochrome Lunar Planetary Imager/Guider

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  • Beginner level monochrome imaging camera
  • 1280 x 960 Resolution
  • 3.75 Micrometer Square Pixel Size
  • 1.25" Barrel Size


Meade LPI-G Monochrome Lunar Planetary Imager/Guider

Meades newest Camera, the LIP-G is a top notch example of quality designed specifically for beginning astro-photographers. Its entire design was meant as a blend of accessibility and quality; as well as both Lunar and Planetary imaging! And we're more than confident to declare that in both of it's dualities, it has struck a brilliant balance.

This camera is capable of a full 28 frames per second at a stunning 1280 x 960 resolution. The pixel size is a solid 3.75 micron square. These traits are conducive to smooth, high quality imaging.

The LPI-G is perfect for those interested in making the transition from Astronomy into Astrophotography; its 1.25" barrel size letting you use this marvelous little camera as an eyepiece. It's fully suitable for Lunar Imaging, Planetary Imaging, and even Solar Imaging if you use the appropriate filters! The high quality CMOS Sensor performs splendidly in terms of quality, and is certain to never disappoint. Meanwhile, as a guide camera, the built-in ST4 auto guider port makes for easy connection. The LPI-G is compatible with a number of guiding and image capture programs such as Maxim DL, PHD, and FireCapture. Last but not least, the Meade LPI-G comes with Meade's SkyCapture astronomy software, which allows you to record and process video, image capture and processing, as well as including other features like dark field correction and image stitching.


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  • USB 2.0 cable
  • ST-4 guide cable (2.0m)
  • C-mount
  • 1.25" nosepiece
  • Meade Sky Capture software CD


Ask a Question
  • Dear Sirs: would this camera work well with a Coronado PST double stacked solar telescope? Specifically, would there be enough back focus to reach infinity or prime focus?

    This camera will work with the PST when put in the eyepiece holder.