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Meade LightSwitch Accessory Bundle

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  • Extensive accessory bundle for use with Meade LightSwitch Telescopes
  • Expand the capacities of your Meade LightSwitch telescopes
  • Easy to use, great value


Meade LightSwitch Accessory Bundle

This is a bundle of accessories that are optimal for use with the Meade LightSwitch telescopes, providing a low cost option for boosting your LightSwitch telescopes performance dramatically, all in one place.

This accessory kit includes:

  • #126 2x Short-Focus Barlow Lens - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 1.25" Color Filter Set
  • LS 3.5" LCD Full Color Viewing Screen
  • 15x70 AstroBinoculars
  • Battery Pack, LXPS-7Ah
  • Green Laser Pointer

About the #126 2x Short-Focus Barlow Lens - 1.25"

Measuring just 2.5 inches the Meade #126 short Barlow was designed to keep telescope lengths low. A great way to maximize your eyepiece collection by effectively doubling magnification. The Meade Barlow lens uses multi-coated achromatic optical glass in a doublet lens configuration which is optimal for telescopes with focal ratios of f/6 and higher. A thumbscrew holds your eyepiece securely in place. You can triple magnification by first inserting the #126 Barlow into the focuser, then inserting your diagonal and eyepiece!

About the Series 4000 1.25" Color & Lunar FIlter Set

This filter set contains 4 1.25" filters, each of which is designed to bring out specific details in planetary objects and the moon.

  • #25A red filter: Increases contrast in Jupiter's belts, further enhances the red and yellow tones of Jupiter and Saturn, and boosts constrast on the moon and Mars.
  • #12 yellow filter: Increase contrast to blue tones, enhances reds and yellows on Jupiter and Saturn, and increases contrast on Mars and on the Moon.
  • #80A blue filter: Especially helpful for enhancing spiral features in Jupiter's cloud belt including the Red Spot and adding contrast to Saturn and the Moon.
  • ND96 Neutral Density filter: A must have for lunar observing. This filter will reduce brightness allowing you to see more lunar surface detail.

About the LS 3.5" LCD Viewing Screen

Made to pair with the LS telescopes. This 3.5" Color LCD Video Monitor features a full color screen and plugs directly into the built in camera on the Meade LS-6 and LS-8 LightSwitch telescopes. Includes mounting bracket, connector cord and battery pack.

About the 15x70 AstroBinoculars

Meade's 15x70 AstroBinoculars offer the 70mm apeture you need for astronomy observing while remaining easy to handle and making them a great choice for terrestrial observing as well. BAK4 premium prisms, center focus knob and flip up rubber eyeguards round out the list of user friend features. Includes a cleaning cloth to keep your lenses free of dust and marks.

  • 4.4¬†degree true field of view
  • 77m field fo view at 1000m
  • 4.7mm exit pupil
  • 15x magnification
  • 70mm aperture
  • 56mm to 74mm interpupilary distance
  • BAK4 Porro prism
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

About the LXPS-7Ah Battery Pack - 12V DC

The Meade LXPS7 Battery Pack is a 12 Volt DC, 7 amp hour auxiliary power supply for your telescope or mount. Compatible with anything that will accept 12V power. Plenty of ports to power all of your gear including two 12V cigarette lighter ports, two USB ports, and positive/negative terminals on the back of the device. Built-in spotlight and flashlight and fused circuit circuit breaker. LED status indicators for battery status plus an attached red reflector to save your toes!

About the Green Laser Pointer

The ultimate pointer! The Meade 5mW laser pointer's strong bright green beam provides a precision way to point out things in the night sky above. A must have for any educational or outreach situation. FDA The Meade Green laser Pointer is safe and made to U.S. FDA laser standards. The Meade Laser pointer sports a soft rubber grip that fits comfortably in your hand. It includes an elegant metal carrying case, two AAA batteries, and instructions for use.


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  • #126 2x Short-Focus Barlow Lens - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 Color Filter Set
  • 3.5" LCD Viewing Screen
  • 15x70 AstroBinoculars
  • Battery Pack, LXPS-7Ah
  • Green Laser Pointer