Meade LX200 16" F/10 ACF UHTC OTA

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  • Meade LX200 16" F/10 ACF UHTC OTA

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    Meade LX200 16" F/10 ACF UHTC OTA

    Meade 16" f/10 LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope - No Tripod Or Pier

    The most widely used research telescope on earth now comes with the most advanced optical system. Meade's LX200-ACF brings Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere. Nearly every observatory reflector in the world uses an aplanatic (coma-free) optical system like the Ritchey-Chr??tien (RC), including NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Now you can own similar optics to what the professionals use. The new LX200-ACF. It's the biggest news in astronomy since, well, the LX200.

    A traditional RC design is a type of reflector that delivers a coma-free, flat field of view via hyperbolic primary and secondary mirrors. RC telescopes (from a variety of manufacturers) are found in most of the world's top observatories and NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Because the mirrors in these telescopes have always been very expensive to make, few amateur astronomers could enjoy them. Fortunately, Meade engineers developed a radical new Advanced Coma Free design by combining a hyperbolic secondary mirror with a corrector-lens-and-spherical-primary-mirror combination that performs as one hyperbolic element. This ACF design produces a coma-free, flat field of view that rivals traditional RC telescopes at a fraction of the cost. The design even eliminates diffraction spikes and improves astigmatism, both of which are inherent in the traditional RC design. When reviewing Meade's LX400-ACF Advanced Coma Free, Sky and Telescope magazine said, " [It] does indeed perform like a [RC]. The difference between the off-axis images (compared to a Schmidt-Cassegrain) was dramatic to say the least."

    Meade 16" f/10 LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope Features

    • f/10 Advanced Coma-Free Optics: Building from a classic RC design, Meade has created a new design with the same coma-free pinpoint star images and flatter field that discerning astrophotographers and most professional observatories have come to expect from classic Ritchey-Chr??tien optics. Meade's Advanced Coma-Free system also reduces the astigmatism and eliminates diffractions spikes found in classical RCs. The LX200-ACF is the perfect platform for the demanding researcher and imaging enthusiast with telescopes available in apertures of 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, and 16 inches.
    • Meade Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTCT) increases total light transmission and image brightness by nearly 20% over Meade's standard coatings. Objects such as stars, galaxies and nebulae will appear significantly brighter.
    • Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser allows you to obtain precise image focus with no image movement.
    • Primary Mirror Lock locks the mirror in place during long-exposure astrophotography.
    • Oversize Primary Mirror diameters are greater than their listed aperture (e.g., the diameter of the 8" LX200-ACF is actually 8.25"). This additional 1/4" yields a wide, fully illuminated field-of-view.
    • Coma Killer - What is coma? It's not some sort of astronomical state of unconsciousness. It's an optical aberration. Precisely defined, coma is a distortion in which the image of a star cannot be focused to a point, but takes on the shape of a comet.

    Why choose the Meade LX200-ACF? Because coma isn't some sort of astronomical state of unconsciousness. ItŸ???????????s an optical aberration. Precisely defined, coma is a distortion in which the image of a star cannot be focused to a point, but takes on the shape of a comet. Worst yet, the majority of telescope optical systems, including the popular Schmidt-Cassegrain, have it to one degree or another. Once, you would have had to spend tens of thousands of dollars for an aplanatic optical system (a fancy term for coma-free). Now that Meade has made this Advanced Coma-Free optical system, this level of performance is affordable to the amateur.

    The Meade LX200-ACFŸ????????????????????? telescope brings advanced Coma Free optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere. The Meade LX200-ACF combines a revolutionary new optical system with the field-proven mechanical features of the original Meade LX200 - the most widely used research-grade telescope in astronomy today. Dr. Clay Sherrod says: Ÿ???????????I personally know over 100 amateur astronomers using LX200's out-of-the-box (new ones and old ones) to provide research data to professionals around the world. One friend of mine used his 14" LX200 to discover binary asteroids using light curves. ItŸ???????????s remarkable stuff that only the pros could do before.Ÿ???????????

    Meade Product Number: 1610-60-01

    Additional Information

    Aperture406 mm (16")
    Autoguider PortNo
    Case IncludedNo
    CD ROMs IncludedNone
    Controller TypeNone
    Dew Shield IncludedNo Sold Separately
    Diagonal Included Sold Separately
    Exterior ColorMeade Crackle Blue Matte
    Focal RatioF/10
    Free ShippingYes
    GPS includedNo
    Hand Controller includedNo
    Highest Useful Magnification960x
    Limiting Stellar Magnitude15.5
    LNT IncludedNo
    Mount Type OTA Only
    Optical CoatingsMeade UHTC
    Optical DesignModified Cassegrain
    OTA Cooling FanNo
    OTA Mount TypeDual Fork Arms
    Smart DriveNo
    Telescope SeriesMeade Optical Tubes
    Tripod Type Included Sold Separately

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • What is the diameter of the secondary obstruction on the 16"LX200, or the percent of the total area of the secondary obstruction ?

      The diameter of the secondary obstruction is 5" of the Meade LX200 16". The total area obstructed is ~20%.

    • Can I use my lx 850 mount with starlock on a 16 inch Meade scope. What is the weight of the scope.?

      Technically yes, though it is at the upper limit of what the mount can support. Depending on the era the 16" scope was made, it can weigh between 72-80 lbs including the bottom dovetail, so it is only recommended in areas that can be fully shielded from

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