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Lunt Solar CaK Module Package for LS152THa

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  • Calcium K module for the 152T with an internal 2.4 Angstrom blocking filter. Now you can image in multiple wavelengths with your LS152THa!
  • This package also comes with a standard 2-inch Crayford-style Focuser, which means you can use your LS152Tha as a regular nighttime telescope (with a regular diagonal inserted as opposed to the CaK diagonal), or observe the Sun in white light with a Lunt Herschel Wedge!



Lunt Solar CaK Module Package for LS152THa

You can easily exchange the H-alpha system on the Lunt LS152THa for this Ca-K Module whenever you like, giving you the flexibility of imaging in CaK or H-alpha wavelengths.

The CaK module was designed especially for the LS152THa H-alpha telescope. It comes with a completely new focuser. Simply unscrew the three thumbscrews that hold the H-alpha unit and the focuser to the back of the LS152 OTA and install the new focuser and CaK module; it’s that easy. With the new focuser installed, the LS152T can also be used as a normal astronomical night-sky telescope (just remove the CaK module and insert a standard diagonal), or you can observe the sun in white light with a Lunt 2-inch Herschel Wedge (sold separately)!



ManufacturerLunt Solar