Lumicon Visual Filter Neutral Density 13 1.25"

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Lumicon Visual Filter Neutral Density 13 1.25"

This is a Lumicon 1.25-Inch Visual Filter:

The Neutral Density 13 (Rating) Filter will tone down the glare from the full Moon and allow more planetary detail than ever.

Lumicon ND13 transmits 13-percent of all incident light, while blocking 87-percent. Designed for Lunar observing with 8-inch (200 mm) aperture and larger telescopes. Lumicon Neutral Density filters are made from high quality optical glass and allow for maximum contrast on viewing planetary and lunar detail. They are individually precision ground and highly polished with maximum light transmission coatings on both sides.

These filters are 100-percent guaranteed for life by Lumicon.



Filter TypeNeutral Density 13