Lumenera SKYnyx 2-2 Monochrome CCD Camera

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  • Lumenera SKYnyx 2-2 Monochrome CCD Camera

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    Lumenera SKYnyx 2-2 Monochrome CCD Camera

    Lumenera SKYnyx 2-2 Monochrome CCD Camera

    Providing exceptional sensitivity with low noise characteristics, the SKYnyx 2-2 MonochromeCCD Camera is the new powerhouse in astrophotography This USB 2.0 camera is based upon Lumenera's highly acclaimed and successful INFINITY 2-2 scientific microscopy camera. Its rugged, high quality anodized aluminum enclosure ensures this camera will serve your imaging needs for years to come.

    Product highlights include ROI, binning, and a signal to noise ratio of >60dB. Control your SKYnyx camera and capture images through our 3rd party software partners. Lumenera is integrated with the most popular commercial, shareware and freeware vendors including: AMCap, AstroArt, K3CCD Tools, LUCAM Recorder, MaxIm DL, StreamPix and Windows Movie Maker. Lumenera's SKYnyx astrophotography cameras also support a DirectShow interface, allowing camera control by any DirectShow compliant application.

    Lumenera SKYnyx 2-2 Monochrome CCD Camera Features

    • Excellent sensitivity and low noise 2.0 megapixel CCD image sensor
    • Capture high quality images with no compression
    • 12 fps at full 1616 x 1232 resolution
    • Maximum frame rates exceed 30 fps with binning and ROI
    • Select 8 & 12-bit pixel data modes

    About The Sony ICX274 Interline CCD Chip

    The ICX274AL is a diagonal 8.923mm (Type 1/1.8) interline CCD solid-state image sensor with a square pixel
    array and 2.01M effective pixels. Progressive scan allows all pixels' signals to be output independently within
    approximately 1/15 second, and output is also possible using various addition and pulse elimination methods.

    This chip features an electronic shutter with variable charge-storage time which makes it possible to realize
    full-frame still images without a mechanical shutter. Further, high sensitivity and low dark current are achieved
    through the adoption of Super HAD CCD technology.

    Applications: Still cameras which require high resolution, etc.)

    The Sony ICX274 Interline Features

    • High horizontal and vertical resolution with square pixels
    • Supports the following modes: Progressive scan mode (with/without mechanical shutter) - 2/8-line readout mode - 2/4-line readout mode - 2-line addition mode - Center scan modes (1), (2) and (3) - AF modes (1) and (2)
    • Horizontal drive frequency: 28.6364MHz (typ.), 36.0MHz (max.)
    • Reset gate bias need no adjustment
    • High sensitivity, low dark current
    • Continuous variable-speed shutter function
    • Excellent anti-blooming characteristics
    • 20-pin high-precision plastic package
    • Image size : Diagonal 8.923mm (Type 1/1.8)
    • Total number of pixels : 1688 (H) ?? 1248 (V) approx. 2.11M pixels
    • Number of effective pixels : 1628 (H) ?? 1236 (V) approx. 2.01M pixels
    • Number of active pixels : 1620 (H) ?? 1220 (V) approx. 1.98M pixels
    • Recommended number of recording pixels : 1600 (H) ?? 1200 (V) approx. 1.92M pixels
    • Chip size : 8.50mm (H) ?? 6.80mm (V)
    • Unit cell size : 4.40?????m (H) ?? 4.40?????m (V)
    • Optical black : Horizontal (H) direction: Front 12 pixel?????s, rear 48 pixels
    • Number of dummy bits : Horizontal 28 - Vertical 1
    • Substrate material : Silicon

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    Questions & Answers

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    • Do you have a drawing or other reference to this camera's back focal distance from its T-thread flange to the detector? Thanks! Steve Peterson

      Lumenera Skynix cameras are all standard C-mount spacing (17.5mm back focus), so that if you add a zero-profile T to C adapter you could reach infinity focus with a C mount lens.

    • Will this work with a Celetron Avx?

      Yes, although you will have to rotate your DEC axis 90 degrees to mount the crossbar of the side by side plate, so the DEC marks will not line up while pointed at the North pole in this configuration.

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