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Lunt Solar 60mm H-Alpha Filter - B1800 for 2" Focusers

SKU : LS-60FHA2/B18

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Product Details

  • Lunt Solar Systems LS60 Hydrogen-Alpha Filter - Front Mount

    The new Lunt Solar Systems LS60 Hydrogen-Alpha Filter incorporates a unique design feature which decreases chances of decontaction (breakage) and increases solar filter thermal stability, an important factor since even the slightest temperature change can cause poor h-alpha performance. Since solar prominences tend to fade into the bright background sky at 1.0 angstroms, the Lunt Systems Solar Filter's performance at <0.70 angstroms gives above average contrast and definition. To help achieve greater details than ever before, the Lunt Solar Systems H-Alpha filter can also enhanced by adding a second etalon system (sold separately under "Accessories") to reduce the bandpass of the LS60 H-Alpha to <0.5 angstroms. That's a substantial crisp detail bonus to both photographers and observers! The tighter the bandwidth, the more contrast and details on both prominences and surface features...

    Another addition to the Lunt Solar Systems LS60 Hydrogen-Alpha Filter is the supplied B1800 blocking filter. This allows the Lunt H-alpha filter to be attached to any refractor with less than 1800mm of focal length. The Lunt Solar Systems B1800 Blocking Filter houses an additional filter in a 2" diagonal. The blocking filter is just as crucial to your safety and the system's performance as the front element of the Lunt LS60 solar package! The secondary blocking filter is based on the focal length of your telescope - because blocking filters shape the spectral output. The Lunt Solar System's B1800 blocking filter will provide a full disk image of the Sun with telescopes which have a maximum of 1800mm of focal length. It is important to chose your Lunt h-alpha filter solar filter carefully, because using a larger blocking filter than necessary to achieve a full disk image in your telescope system may result in image "ghosts" at the edge of the field of view. Because the Lunt 60mm H-Alpha Front Mount Filter is unique, the h-alpha blocking filter is also unique. Lunt will only warranty the safety and/or performance of their solar systems when a Lunt Solar Systems blocking filter is paired with a Lunt Solar Systems Etalon system. Mounting adapter is sold separately.

    Lunt Solar Systems LS60 Hydrogen-Alpha Filter Features

    • Included foam-lined protective case.
    • Superior coatings.
    • Lunt Manufacturer Warranty
    Lunt Solar Systems Product Number: LS-60FHA2/B18
  • specifications

    Bandwidth<0.70 Angstroms
    Blocking Filter Barrel Size2"
    Emission LineH Alpha
    Filter TypeH Alpha
    Optimized For1800mm & Under
    Warranty5 Year Warranty

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