Losmandy Extra 2.5-lb. Wt for DWS or WS System

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Losmandy Extra 2.5-lb. Wt for DWS or WS System

Losmandy 2.5 lb. Counterweight for Losmandy DWS or WS System

Have you added a larger eyepiece to your telescope? How about a big diagonal? Is the addition of a piggyback camera, imager or guidescope putting your system out of balance? Then you need to get a Losmandy 2.5CW Counterweight for your DWS or WS System.

By adding an additional 2.5 lbs. to your system with this precision machined weight, you can stop wear on drive motors and gears. Tracking devices work better and there's no sudden shift in weight when things are released. Don't settle for second best when you can get a genuine Losmandy counterweight.

Losmandy Product Number: 2.5CW


Accessory TypeCounterweight
Warranty1 Year Warranty


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  • Is the hole threaded?

    Yes, this weight has a threaded 3/8"-16 hole that fits the standard Losmandy weight system.