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Lieder Monocular Compound Microscope


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Product Details

  • The MC-110F is a simple compound microscope that works great as a sample prep scope, for educational purposes, or general use. Color-corrected achromatic objectives are standard.


    Eyepieces: 10X D.I.N. Stardard Widefield

    Head: Monocular head that rotates 360 and inclines 30 with -5 to +5 diopter adjustment and 55-75mm interpupillary adjustment.

    Nosepiece: Quadruple, ball-bearing nosepiece with positive stops to allow quick, easy objective rotation.

    Objectives: Standard achromatic D.I.N. objectives. All lenses are coated and color corrected to produce sharp, bright images. The microscope is equipped with 4X (0.10 N.A.), 10X (0.25 N.A.), 40X (0.65 N.A. retractable), and 100X Oil (1.25 N.A. retractable) objectives. All objectives are parfocal and parcentered.

    Stage: Graduated mechanical stage (110 x 115mm) with low-position coaxial control, a chemical resistant finish, and removable spring clip slide holder.

    Focusing Mechanism: Smooth, durable rack and pinion mechanism with separate course and fine adjustment knobs, tension adjustment to prevent drift, and a safety rack stop and slip clutch to prevent slide damage.

    Condenser: Abbe condenser and iris diaphragm. The Abbe condenser is mounted on a rack and pinion mechanism for optimal positioning.

    Illumination: 120V incandescent illumination with a grounded CSA cord.

    Finish: Stain and chemical resistant baked-on enamel finish. Dust cover included.

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