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Kendrick Micro Controller W/ 8VDC and One Heater Port

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Kendrick Micro Controller W/ 8VDC and One Heater Port

Kendrick Micro Controller W/ 8VDC and One Heater Port

This splendid combination item is a controller for a Kendrick Dew Heater as well as an 8VDC current output power supply for a DSLR camera! It has two ports, one for connecting to your DSLR camera and the other for connecting to a Kendrick Dew heater. This greatly saves space in your setup, allowing you to use the controller for your heater as a power supply at the same time. This micro model is of a slimmer size and design, meant for lighter duty applications with smaller scopes and cameras.

This new version of the Micro controller comes with Kendrick's standard RCA connectors. It will useable with Kendrick's entire Premier and FireFly heater lines. The controller has two slotted tabs that can be used to attach the supplied lanyard so that the controller may be hung from a convenient location. Velcro tabs are also provided if you prefer to "stick" the controller to your telescope or mount. Also, the mounting tabs are convenient for anyone who wants to mechanically mount the controller with screws to a Dobsonian telescope base, Dobsonian upper tube assembly, inside an eyepiece box or wherever else one may wish to mount the controller.


  • Electrical Specs: 12 VDC, 3 amps
  • Single channel, one RCA output for heater attachment.
  • One output at 8 vdc for powering a DSLR camera. Connector is a 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC Power Jack. Requires the purchase of a DSLR power Coupler (Canon & Nikon cameras)
  • Simple rotary knob control.
  • LED Power status indication.
  • Low voltage cut-off control.
  • RFI Clean. A must for CCD imagers!
  • Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle control.
  • Reverse polarity protected (a Kendrick standard!).
  • Fused on board with Auto Reset. (the provided power cord is fused as well at 7 amps)
  • Mating Terminal Block power input. This will allow users to terminate the controller power cable in a connector of their choice.
  • Fused power cable included (cigarette lighter plug).

Manufacturer Product Number: 2001-MICRO-D



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Kendrick micro controller with dslr adaptor

Very useful for Long time lapse photography using external battery supply.