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Kendrick Digifire-8 Controller

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Kendrick Digifire-8 Controller

This Kendrick Digifire-8 Controller is the newest version in their line to replace the DigiFire 7 Controller. The Digifire-8 controller is designed like the Digifire 7 controller, however, Kendrick has added several new upgrades to the new controller that will help create a better observation experience.

This simple to use Kendrick Digifire-8 controller eliminates the distraction of power cords and cables with its new inner construction of internal compatible plugs and cords, dual volt options (8V or 12V), low voltage cut-off disabling feature, and much more!

Features and Specifications


  • Complete digital control.
  • Zero Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).
  • 6 available outputs- two constant 12V and four that are programmable.
  • Option to connect two additional accessories from the available 12 Volt outputs such as cooling fans and DewGuard secondary mirror heaters.
  • Built in mosfet transistors to prevent voltage drops on all outputs.
  • Stainless steel case.
  • Easy to use!

    Manufacturer Product Number: 2001-8