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Kendrick DigiFire-12

The Kendrick DigiFire 12 is the deluxe and improved version of the DigiFire 10 and 8- building upon those previous or scaled down designs with impressive improvements to ensure the highest of quality. Coming in standard with a truly massive list of features, the Digifire 12 is sure to be of use- from the four individual adjustable heater ports to the programmable onboard power supply which happens to be immensely suitable for powering the popular DSLR Cameras. The onboard power supply is another fine benefit to this product, and the numerous other functions it can perform, What is more, the Cord is changeable for the user- allowing you to, as the makers strongly recommend, ditch the Cigarette lighter cord in favor of whatever plug you'd like to use. This model delivers heavy duty, individually adjustable power output to up to four different heaters, in combination with an 8V DSLR Power supply- enabling you to simply add in a DSLR battery adapter and power your camera from the dew controller. Furthermore, there are two accessory ports- one for 12V, allowing up to 15 Amp Output, and the other programmable for either 12V or 8V, and cleared up to 1.5 Amp output. The Low Voltage Cut off feature is standard to all Kendrick items, and it protects your battery from issues that can cause permanent destruction and damage; and if you want, though it's not recommended, you can disable this safety feature- for whatever reason you might want to. Another safety feature is how two of the four heater ports are monitored by temperature sensing control- and the heaters are only powered when the temperature of the optics reaches the level you choose- a setting based on the difference between ambient air temperature and that of your optics- this allows you to prevent unnecessary overheating which not only would degrade your image quality, but waste battery power; due to this system, neither is an issue. The new temperature sensors for this model are fantastically accurate, and the manufacturer claims that they don't even require calibration! Last and not necessarily least, the lights are not only dimmable, but will in fact shut off after two minutes to conserve power- though pressing one of the two control buttons will 'wake up' the lights.

  • Heavy-Duty, individually adjustable power output for up to 4 heaters.
  • Built-in 8V DSLR Power Supply. Just add our DSLR Battery Adapter and power you DSLR from the Dew Controller.
  • 2 DC Accessory Ports; One rated solely for 12V up to 15 AMP Output, the other ranging from 12V to 8V with up to 1.5 AMP output
  • 15 Amps total power (max 7 Amp with Cigarette Lighter Plug).
  • Dimmable Lights that shut off after 2 minutes of idle time.
  • User Changeable Cord.
  • Cord Management - Power other devices using the 2 DC Accessory Ports.
  • Low Voltage Cut-off that prevents serious damage to your battery, capable of being disabled if you don't care.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Temperature Sensing control for 2 of the 4 heater ports.
  • Traditional "Duty-Cycle" settings are also available on all 4 heater ports


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