Kendrick 12V Imaging Power Panel - 7 Port USB 3.0 Interface and 8V Battery Included

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Kendrick 12V Imaging Power Panel - 7 Port USB 3.0 Interface and 8V Battery Included

Kendrick 12V Imaging Power Panel

This remarkable device was designed to adress two major problems that plague astro-photographers everywhere. Cable Management with how many seperate devices all need power and cable links is the first, as this device provides a solid network to run several cables through. Secondly, it also solves the issue of disparate power supplies caused by limited links to individual supplies, giving you an electrical panel for all your astrophotography devices at one location on your scope or mount.

To clarify, the Kendrick Power Panel is no battery, although it does come with one. It is a lightweight connector panel that connects to your battery on the ground. Consequently, it can be mounted on a telescope tube, dovetail bar, mount, pier or wherever it is beneficial for you to allow for efficient cable management. This panel is a dream come true for efficient cable mamangement, allowing you to create a situation where, for example, if mounted on your telescope tube assembly the Imaging Power Panel let's you have all your cables (except for the one going to your battery and the USB cable to your computer) are now routed from the devices on our telescope to the Imaging Power Panel. This leaves you with only two cables leading away from your scope and mount with the rest moving with your telescope, far less likely to get tangled with far less clutter!

This model of the Kendrick 12V Imaging Power Panel uses seven seperate USB 3.0 Ports for it's interface, allowing seven seperate USB compatible devices to be linked to it at once. It also includes an 8VDC battery to use in conjunction with it to power what you connect to it! So give it a try, and simplify hooking all your accessories up and powering them all together.

Manufacturer Product Number: 208-IPP-D

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