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Keller/ Andreo PixInsight Part 3 - DVD Tutorial Video

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Keller/ Andreo PixInsight Part 3 - DVD Tutorial Video

Keller/ Andreo PixInsight Part 3 - DVD Tutorial Video

The third part of Warren Keller's PixInsight series engages in more advanced subjects including HDR composition, building mosaics, multiscale processing via wavelets, Narrowband image processing, and additional clarification of skills involving Masks, PixelMath, etc. For context, the what to do and when to do it, PixInsight Part 3 also features recaps of concepts taught in Parts 1 and 2.

Table of Contents

  • PI-0 Introduction to PixInsight Part-3 Advanced topics and special features. 2:54 min
  • PI-1 Recap-1 supplies a Step-by-Step Review of concepts covered in PixInsight Part-1 and Part-2, further providing the 'what to do and when to do it' for your PI workflow. One-Shot-Color processes are demonstrated. Monochromatic imagers will also benefit from this section. 6:03 min
  • PI-2 Recap-2 supplies a Step-by-Step Review of concepts covered in PixInsight Part-1 and Part-2, further providing the 'what to do and when to do it' for your PI workflow. Monochrome processes are demonstrated. 5:00 min
  • PI-3 Recap-3 finishes up the Step-by-Step Review of concepts covered in PixInsight Part-1 and Part-2. The latter half of Monochrome workflow is demonstrated. 4:44 min
  • PI-4 HDR Composition explains the HDRComposition and GradientHDRComposition procedures for combining exposures of various lengths, to preserve high dynamic range detail. 4:03 min
  • PI-5 Mosaics-1 introduces our 6-part miniseries on mosaic construction. 4:31 min
  • PI-6 Mosaics-2 features 2-panel mosaic construction. The StarAlignment process is outlined. 3:46 min
  • PI-7 Mosaics-3 furthers the development of our 2-panel mosaic. The GradientMergeMosaic process for seamless mosaic stitching is put forward. 4:18 min
  • PI-8 Mosaics-4 introduces 4-panel monochromatic mosaic template construction. StarAlignment's Restrict to Previews, and registration confirmation with a mask are also explored. 7:24 min
  • PI-9 Mosaics-5 furthers the construction of a 4-panel monochromatic mosaic. Alignment of individual panels to the template developed in PI-8 is demonstrated. Three separate approaches are featured. 6:25 min
  • PI-10 Mosaics-6 finishes up our 6-part mosaic miniseries. Three separate paths for GradientMergeMosaic are displayed, and a quick recap brings context and chronology to mosaic procedures. 2:41 min
  • PI-11 Star Masks-1 provides a closer look at the creation of star masks for advanced image processing. 7:13 min
  • PI-12 Star Masks-2 outlines ATrousWaveletTransform for the creation of star masks. Adjustment and repair of star masks, as well as valuable skills are shown. The Convolution process is also introduced. 4:56 min
  • PI-13 Multiscale-1 introduces bona fide multiscale processing with PixInsight. The deconstruction of an image into different scales and how to recombine them when work is finished is demonstrated in this section. 4:01 min
  • PI-14 Multiscale-2 finishes our two-part miniseries on advanced multiscale processing techniques with PixInsight. With an image deconstructed into small and large scales, we can educe faint nebulosity and sharpen detail before putting the image back together. 5:31 min
  • PI-15 Narrowband-1 introduces our 6-part miniseries on Narrowband image processing. Following an introduction to the major palettes, we use PixelMath, LRGBCombination, and ChannelCombination, to compile Ha, OIII, and SII images into a Master file. 5:12 min
  • PI-16 Narrowband-2 shows the power of Scripts for gathering Ha, OIII, and SII images into a Master file. Multichannel Synthesis's SHO-AIP script is introduced. In addition, the creation of Narrowband pseudo-luminance is also shown. 5:05 min
  • PI-17 Narrowband-3 focuses on Narrowband stars. Repair, replace, or remove them for various effects. 3:22 min
  • PI-18 Narrowband-4 returns to PixInsight scripts in order to couple Narrowband data with (L)RGB. We revisit SHO-AIP and introduce the HaRVB-AIP and NBRGB scripts. 5:08 min
  • PI-19 Narrowband-5 returns to processes for integrating Narrowband data with (L)RGB. A special technique by the PTeam's Vicent Peris for integrating Hydrogen alpha and Luminance is demonstrated. 2:44 min
  • PI-20 Narrowband-6 finishes up our 6-part miniseries on Narrowband image processing. Hydrogen alpha and Oxygen 3 are carefully blended to an (L)RGB's chrominance utilizing masks and PixelMath. 4:25 min
  • PI-21 Superbias demonstrates the new Superbias process for noise-free calibration with enhanced modeling of your camera's bias signal. The new 24-bit LUT visualization feature is introduced as well. 3:14 min
  • PI-22 Drizzle demonstrates the new DrizzleIntegration process for applying the Variable-Pixel Linear Reconstruction algorithm on undersampled data. 4:22 min
  • PI-23 CometAlignment details how you can have the best of both worlds - an untrailed comet, and round stars! 4:42 min
  • PI-24 Preprocessing Update brings you up to speed with new expansions to both the ImageIntegration and ImageRegistration processes. 2:20 min
  • PI-25 Scripts Redux covers additional noteworthy scripts. BatchFormatConversion, BatchLinearFit, FWHMEccentricity, SubframeSelector, CanonBandingReduction, FITS Keywords, and FITSFileManager scripts, Feature Scripts, and Global Reset are detailed. 5:40 min
  • PI-26 Wrap-Up finishes the three-part PixInsight series from Acknowledgements, Additional Resources, Special Features, and a look into the future of PixInsight, as well as IP4AP are covered. 6:13 min

Warren Keller Product Number: IP4AP-PIP3


ManufacturerWarren Keller