JMI Motofocus for ES AR80, AR102, and AR127

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JMI Motofocus for ES AR80, AR102, and AR127

JMI Motofocus for ES AR80, AR102, and AR127

MOTOFOCUS is a battery operated hand control with an electric focus motor that attaches to the shaft of a focuser knob (or the knob itself) for precise, vibration-free focusing without the need to touch the telescope. It is great for visual and photographic use and features variable speed for coarse and fine adjustments. Precise positioning is accomplished through electronic braking. Mounting is easy and requires no drilling or tapping.

This model was made for the focusers of Explore Scientific AR80, AR102, and AR127 scopes.




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  • Will this also work with the Explore Scientific AR152?

    Good afternoon, the JMI will not fit the ES 152 scope. The focuser knob sizes are different between the 152 and the smaller AR scopes. Additionally, the 152 has a rack and pinion focuser, the AR's are Crayford and the focuser bodies are different between