Jim's Mobile (JMI) Universal Large Size Wheeley Bars with 10" Wheels

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Jim's Mobile (JMI) Universal Large Size Wheeley Bars with 10" Wheels

The JMI Universal Large Size Wheeley Bars with 10-inch Wheels:


Do you wish you had an easy way to move your tripod or pier mounted telescope from garage to patio or driveway? Wheeley Bars were created for just that purpose. The sturdy base with locking wheels and leveling bolts allows you to move, lock and level the complete telescope assembly with ease.

And best of all, you don't have to disconnect and reconnect all the electrical and computer cabling.

To be sure that your mount will fit a particular Wheeley Bar product, it may be necessary to verify the tip-to-tip distance of your mount. Usually, this measurement is made with the legs of a tripod fully retracted (the shortest length) and spread out completely. Alternately, you can measure at your preferred viewing height, but be sure to allow for the height of the Wheeley Bars (listed with each product). The tip-to-tip distance is the measurement from the outside edge of the end of a tripod leg or pier foot (where it touches the ground) to the outside edge of another tripod leg or pier foot as illustrated below.

Here are some examples of different types of mounts and where to measure:

For Custom Wheeley Bars, to be sure that your mount will fit into the receptacles, we also need to know leg or foot diameter and tip style. For instance, on the mounts shown above (numbered from left to right), the following applies:


JMI Large Size Universal Wheeley Bars

Fits Portable Pier mount (depending on weight of telescope and configuration of pier legs); Celestron C14, CI-700 mount; Meade LX200 12" & 14" (GPS and non-GPS) with giant field tripod, LXD700 & 750 mounts, LX400-ACF 10", 12", & 14"; Mountain Instruments MI-8P mount; Particle Wave Technologies Monolith Pier mount. (Specify telescope/mount manufacturer and model.)

Adjusts to fit tripods with a tip-to-tip distance from 49" to 56", tip receptacle is 2.625 to 3.25" I.D. (oval shape), wheel diameter is 5", and height is 6-7/8".

Standard Wheeley Bars are designed to be used on hard flat surfaces only. With the optional large-wheel upgrade, great care in maneuvering and ideal conditions, they can be used on grass, dirt and gravel surfaces. Wheeley Bars are generally designed to be used with the tripod legs almost fully retracted to reduce the overall width.

A Word of Warning: The heavier the telescope mounted on the Wheeley Bars, the more careful one must be in moving the complete system by pulling or pushing below the center of gravity. JMI and OPT are not responsible for incorrect loading or operation.

Image shows the Large Wheeley Bars with optional 4" wheels. This product comes with the standard 10" wheels. The Tow bar is not included with this product number.


Warranty1 Year Warranty
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Stuart B.
United States United States
love it but have a question

I left two messages, tel. and two emails asking for an assembly explanation, not yet received an email or call. My number is 480-221-5711 email stubrackney@gmail.com