Jim's Mobile (JMI) Fully Locking 5 Inch Large Wheels

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Jim's Mobile (JMI) Fully Locking 5 Inch Large Wheels

JMI 5-Inch Large Fully Locking Wheels for Universal-Style Wheeley Bars:

Fully locking 5-Inch diameter polyurethane wheels to replace the standard 2-3/8" hard-rubber wheels on Universal-Style Wheeley Bars (both standard and custom versions). With these wheels, the Wheeley Bars will raise the mount 6-3/8" off the ground.

What size wheels should I purchase?

The small 2-3/8" hard-rubber wheels are good for flat hard surfaces with no cracks or grooves. For hard surfaces, such as concrete sidewalks, with seams or cracks, the 5-inch polyurethane wheels are best. The large 10" all-terrain pneumatic rubber-tire wheels are designed for field use on rough surfaces such as grass, dirt and gravel. However, great care must be taken in maneuvering on these surfaces, particularly when wet, because the wheels may sink below the surface. JMI does not recommend using Wheeley Bars on these surfaces under adverse conditions, especially if you have a very heavy telescope.


Warranty1 Year Warranty