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iOptron Cube-G Mount Purple

SKU : IO-8800P

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Product Details

  • The iOptron SmartStar Cube-G Alt-Azimuth Mount

    The iOptron SmartStar Cube-G comes with the patented Alt-Azimuth Mount, a.k.a. The Cube-G. This compact mount design is one of the most functional and flexible units on the market. Both axis motors are built into a small single unit which is universally compatible with all telescopes using a dovetail connection. Additionally, unlike other mounts, there are no dead spots when using the Cube-G mount so you can point your telescope anywhere above the horizon.

    This mount also comes with a standard AC connection. An optional DC adapter is available so you can plug your telescope motor into your car or a DC power supply if you're camping or at any remote location.

    Main Features

    • Comes with a heavy-duty stainless-steel tripod
    • Includes a GoToNova Controller with a 50,000-object database and 256 user-defined objects
    • The GoToNova controller has a large LCD screen, displaying 8 lines, 21-characters, backlit LED buttons, and a USB port for PC/Laptop control and firmware upgrades (ASCOM protocol)
    • The drive motor of the iOptron Cube G mount has a 9-speed setting for precise tracking and a dual-axis Servomotor
    • The SmartStar Cube runs on a standard-equipment AC connection (Optional DC adapter available)
    • The mount comes with a 32-channel internal GPS
    • Payload: 7-11 lbs., depending on the length of the tube assembly and where accessories are placed

    Ease of the iOptron GoTo Controller

    The iOptron GoToNova Controller, which comes standard with all SmartStar Cube alt-azimuth mounts, is much easier to use than many other controllers on the market today with intuitive and well-organized menu categories. It also has a large LCD screen that can display 8 lines of content. All of this makes it extremely easy to set up your telescope when you want to.

    The GoToNova computerized control system is also among the most technologically advanced, automated tracking system. With a database of 50,000 celestial objects, including all the most famous galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and planets, you'll be able to enjoy star gazing with the simple push of a button. The control system also allows you to slew the telescope at 9 different drive speeds, keeping the object within the telescope's viewfinder for as long as you wish.

    The controller comes with a USB port that tremendously expands the functionalities of the already powerful system. With the USB2COM driver installed, the USB port works as an RS232 serial port. It supports firmware upgrades and computer control when used with the optional cable. With ASCOM protocol, you can control your telescope with most ASCOM compatible software. This enables you to utilize the CPU, large screen, and disk space of your PC/laptop. With a wide selection of software, your stargazing experience will never be the same again.

    The iOptron SmartStar Tripod

    Made of 1" heavy-duty stainless steel, the SmartStar Tripod is sturdy yet elegant and gives the user excellent stability during operation. Solid construction joints keep your SmartStar Cube mount locked securely. With an all-metal support system, your valuable telescope will keep still, even on a windy night.

    iOptron SmartStar Cube G Mount Specifications

    Mount Configuration: Alt-Azimuth

    Mount Color: Astro Blue

    OTA Connection: Dovetail

    Motor: Dual-Axis DC Servomotor, DC 12V

    Motor Speed: Dual-Axis,9-gear, electric (1x,2x,8x,16x,64x,128x,256x,512x, Max)

    GoTo Controller: GoToNova Model 8402-G

    Database: 50,000 Objects

    GPS: Yes, 32-Channel

    USB Port: Yes

    Protocol: ASCOM

    Firmware Upgrade: Yes

    PC Computer Control: Yes

    Payload: 7-11 lbs., depending on tubes and attachments

    Tripod: 1" Stainless Steel legs

    Battery: AA x 8 (not included)

    Weight: 10.56 lbs.

    Weight of mount 4lbs

    Width of the mount at the circular base with a diameter of 5.5"

    Width of mount at top 3.5" x 3.5"

    Height of mount from bottom of circular base 8"

    Weight of Tripod with mount: 3lbs

    Total Weight 10 pounds


  • specifications

    Drive TypeDC servo motors
    Free ShippingYes
    Head DesignAltitude Azimuth
    Instrument Capacity11 lb
    Mount Head Weight4lb
    Total Weight12 lb
    Tripod Weight6 lb

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