iOptron SkyTracker Counterweight System Package

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  • Kit designed to assist in balancing out payloads for the SkyTracker Camera Mount
  • 2.2 lb counterweight and shaft
  • Includes M6 Screws to attach the shaft

iOptron SkyTracker Counterweight System Package

iOptron has developed this counterweight system to help balance bulky payloads and long camera lenses on the SkyTracker Camera Mount. It consists of a 2.2lb counterweight, a shaft for that weight, the screws to attach it, and a 166mm long dovetail plate.


  • 166mm long dovetail plate
  • SkyTracker counterweight shaft
  • 2.2 lb. (1 kg) counterweight
  • (2) M6 hex machine screws

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  • So how exactly does the iOptron Skytracker counterweight system (item # IO3311) work? How heavy or long of a telephoto lens on a DSLR do you recommend using it for? And how exactly do you balance the camera/lens with it and the counterweight? Does it come

    The counterweight system allows longer and heavier lenses to be used on the SkyTracker by balancing the load on both sides of the mount better. You mount both the camera and the weight, unlock the clutch and slide the weight in and out until you are roug

  • Just how do you determine a "rough" balance when all the components are rigidly attached? I can see the benefit of the counterweight, but see no way to actually determine when the system is in balance. Seems like it will be hard to determine where the c

    It's actually not that tough, but relies upon mechanical features of the iOptron SkyTracker. As can be seen in the related image (see "More Views" below the main product image), the SkyTracker uses a silver-annodized adapter to allow connection of the co