iOptron iEQ45-PRO Mount Head with Accessories

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iOptron iEQ45-PRO Mount Head with Accessories

The iOptron iEQ45-PRO Mount Head with Accessories - iOptron intended for the iEQ45-Pro Equatorial Mount Head Package from the very beginning of the conception to the very end of the construction to be complete with accessories for the range of entry-level to intermediate astrophotographers. This package is outfitted with a wide array of precision motors, zero-backlash gears, and to top it all of a computer controller to provide an absolutely ideal platform for imaging. The mount has a duel dovetail saddle that allows both Losmandy and Vixen-style plates for mounting compatible OTAs, and with a maximum payload capacity of 45-pounds, it can easily hold large telescopes, counterweights, and accessories. The mount is motorized, with a Go2Nova 8407+ computer hand controller, and an illuminated polar axis scope for speedy alignment and set up! The mount also has a built in 32-channel GPS receiver that sends your location and time to the Go2Nova hand controller, allowing for quick and easy setup.

The included dark-field illuminated AccuAligning polar axis scope installs through the body of the mount for accurate initial manual alignment, as well as alignment verification and correction during observation and imaging sessions. The iEQ45-PRO is built for precise tracking, as required during long-exposure astrophotography, with highly accurate stepper motors and the ability for you to program out the Period Error Correction common to all worm gears.

The dual-axis 1.8-degree stepper motor is controlled by the Go2Nova hand controller, both mentioned above. This system has an internal database of 359,000 plus celestial objects, with sixty user-defined objects to program yourself for your own convenience. The controller has update-able firmware in the built-in serial port as well, and with nine slew speeds and automatic tracking capabilities, finding and keeping objects centered in the field of view is easy no matter if you're viewing the fast moving Moon, or much slower space subjects.


  • Motorized and computer-guided equatorial mount with 45-pound payload capacity
  • 6-Inch Losmandy/Vixen dual saddle accepts any compatible OTA up to 60-pounds
  • AccuAligning polar scope with dark-field illumination for polar alignment
  • Gear switches on both R.A. and DEC axes for fast movement
  • Built-in 32-channel GPS receiver communicates information to the Go2Nova controller
  • Accurate tracking with temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO)
  • Integrated bubble level
  • Precision stepper motors with 0.09 arc second accuracy for precise GoTo capability and accurate tracking
  • Zero-gap RA and DEC worm gear ensures perfect gear-meshing with no backlash
  • 256-tooth R.A. and 228-tooth Declination aluminum worm wheels
  • Screw/worm type latitude adjuster for precision adjustments, 5 to 70-degrees range
  • Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) removes inaccuracies inherent in gears and allows for more accurate tracking, especially for long-exposure astrophotography
  • Slew speed and direction controlled via Go2Nova controller
  • 110/ 240 VAC and 12 VDC with car accessory plug power adapters included
  • 359,000 plus object database
  • User-friendly menu driven interface
  • Multiple tracking rates including Sidereal, Solar, Lunar, King, and User-defined
  • 9-speed slew control with quiet mode, up to 5.83-deg./ sec. max
  • Database includes stars, constellations, and seven complete astronomical catalogs including Messier and NCG IC
  • Up to 60 user-defined objects to easily find your favorites
  • Enter specific R.A. and Declination coordinates of objects for immediate GoTo
  • 8 line, 21 character/line, red-light back-lit LCD screen
  • One-star, multi-star, polar and SolarSys alignments
  • Update-able firmware through built-in serial port
  • Computer control with planetarium software
  • Integrated ST-4 auto-guiding port capable of reverse guiding with auto-protection
  • Built-in heater for wider operating temperature range
  • Mount Type: Equatorial
  • Load Capacity: 45-pounds (20.4 kg)
  • Right Ascension Axis Worm gear: 256-teeth, aluminum, M=0.5 Worm: 0.7-Inch (1.7 cm), brass Period: 337 S Bearing: 3.1-Inch (8.0 cm) Shaft: 2.0-Inch (5.0 cm), steel
  • Declination Axis Worm wheel: 228-teeth, aluminum, M=0.5 Worm: 0.7-Inch (1.7 cm), brass Bearing: 2.7-Inch (6.8 cm) Shaft: 1.6-Inch (4.0 cm), steel
  • Resolution: 0.09 arc second
  • Adjustment Range Latitude: 5 to 70 degrees Azimuth: plus or minus 6 degrees
  • GPS: Internal 32-Channel receiver
  • Motor: 1.8-degree stepper motor, 128 micro-steps
  • GO-TO Capability: Yes, Go2Nova 8407+ hand controller
  • Polar Axis Scope: Yes, AccuAlign G2 polar scope with dark-field illumination
  • Dimensions: Base diameter: 5.9-Inch (15.0 cm)
  • Weight: Mount: 25-pounds (11.3 kg)
  • Operating Temperature: neg.4-degrees F to 113-degrees F (neg.20-degrees C to 45-degrees C)


OPT Product Number: IO-8000E-M


Azimuth RangePlus or Minus 6 Degrees
Free ShippingYes
GPS Included32 Channel built in
Latitude Range5 to 70 Degrees
Mount DesignGerman Equatorial
Weight25 lb (11.4 kg)


Ask a Question
  • This head mount comes with a case?

    The package IO-8000E-M-HC comes with the hard case, this model does not, however a case can be purchased seperatly. 

  • Complete newb question. Would this mount be a good choice to photograph the 2017 solar eclipse in the US with a couple of DSLRs mounted on it?

    Yes, this mount would be more than sufficient for what you are planning, as long as the total weight of DSLR bodies, lenses, and dovetail mounting bars comes out to less than 45 lbs. The iOptron mount does have a solar tracking rate, but the polar scope

  • Does this mount feature free-spin balance?

    Yes, if you unlock the clutches on each axis, you can freely move the mount while adjusting your balance.