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iOptron HEM27EC Harmonic Drive Hybrid EQ/AZ Mount w/ Encoder & iPolar

SKU : IO-H274A

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  • Huge 30 lb payload capacity while only weighing 8 lbs
  • State-of-the-art harmonic drive technology
  • Hybrid equatorial and alt-azimuth operation
  • Perfect for traveling astrophotographers with no counterweights required
  • Multiple versions available depending on your imaging needs
  • Tripod sold separately
  • Estimated Arrival: Late July

Product Details

  • The iOptron HEM27 is a lightweight hybrid (equatorial & alt-azimuth) mount featuring state-of-the-art harmonic drive technology. With a capacity of 30 lbs while only weighing 8 lbs, the HEM27 has the ability to carry many times its weight, which has endless benefits to astrophotographers.


    iOptron HEM27 Harmonic Drive Mount Side View

    Compact & Portable for the Traveling Astrophotographer

    Unlike traditional EQ mounts, harmonic drive mounts can carry payloads totaling many times the weight of the mount itself without cumbersome counterweights, making them perfect for the traveling astrophotographer. The HEM27 weighs in at a mere 8 lbs (3.6 kg) and can carry a staggering 30 lbs (13.6 kg) payload capacity without counterweights. This makes it light and small enough to set up in just a few minutes or even fit in a luggage bag for air travel.

    Multiple Versions of the iOptron HEM27 for a Variety of Uses

    The HEM27 comes in three versions to suit the needs of astrophotographers:

    • HEM27 - mount head, hand controller, case
    • HEM27A - mount head, iPolar, hand controller, case
    • HEM27EC - mount head with RA encoder, iPolar, hand controller, case (this product)

    The standard HEM27 will be enough for many, but for those looking for prefer precision when polar aligning, this upgraded HEM27A model comes with iPolar. This top-of-the-line HEM27EC model features an encoder on the RA axis for incredible tracking accuracy without the need for guiding in most instances. There is also an optional carbon fiber tripod for the HEM27 which features an adjustable height of 21" to 36.8" and is lightweight enough to take with you anywhere. Each version comes with a padded carry case to protect the mount and accessories when transporting.


    iOptron HEM27 Harmonic Drive Mount Back View

    Additional Features of the iOptron HEM27

    The HEM27 is a hybrid mount, meaning it can operate in both equatorial mode for astrophotography imaging and alt-azimuth mode for simple visual observations. All versions of the HEM27 come with iOptron's Go2Nova hand controller with a 212,000 object database. The body is a black-anodized, all-metal CNC-machined body that can withstand rugged use and transport. The HEM27 also features a unique friction brake system to safely stop mount movement during unplanned power interruption. It even has power down memory, which allows the mount to stop and resume a GoTo slew or continue tracking after a power loss. Unlike other mounts, this means there's no need to realign and start your imaging session over. Other attributes include a dual saddle for both Losmandy D and Vixen V style dovetails, a built-in zero position, permanent periodic error correction (PPEC), real-time periodic error correction on the HEM27EC (this model), a two-year warranty, and more.

    iOptron HEM27 Mount Case and Accessories


  • specifications

    Drive TypeHarmonic Drive
    EncodersYes (RA only)
    Head DesignHybrid
    Instrument Capacity30 lb
    Latitude Range15 to 65 Degrees
    Mount Head Weight8 lb
    Periodic Error Correction (PEC)Yes
    PortsDC 12v
    Power SupplyDC 12v 5a (included)
    Telescope ConnectionDual Vixen & Losmandy
    Total Kit Weight8 lbs
    Tracking RatesLunar
    Tracking RatesSidereal
    Tracking RatesSolar
    Tripod Attachment3/8"
    Warranty2 years
  • included items

    • HEM27EC mount head
    • iPolar
    • 8409 hand controller
    • Padded carry case
    • Power supply

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