iOptron CEM60 Equatorial Mount

  • Exceptional tracking with Go2Nova GOTO technology
  • Maximum payload of 60 lbs for heavy-duty imaging
  • Permanent error correction built into the mount means better images the more it’s used
  • Built-in polar scope for easy alignment
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iOptron CEM60 Equatorial Mount

The iOptron CEM60 Equatorial Mount is one in a long line of exceptional products including mounts, telescopes, and more astronomy equipment. iOptron is known for manufacturing crowd favorites—especially in the realm of astronomy and astrophotography mounts. The CEM60 EQ mount utilizes a non-contact, magnetically loaded gear system for fantastic tracking with extremely minor PEC needed. As the name indicates, this mount handles up to a whopping 60-pound payload with no issues at all. Most astronomers will be hard-pressed to put that kind of weight on their mount, so this is often the final choice for many and will last for years to come. On top of it all, the most advanced Go2Nova GOTO technology with over 300,000 objects is built into the mount and controlled with the included hand controller. Grab your very own CEM60 today and experience what it’s like to perfect your own astronomy setup.

Track Better with the CEM60

If you’ve ever had any issues when it comes to tracking during an astrophotography session, the iOptron CEM60 was built for you. Utilizing the most advanced and up-to-date GOTO technology and paired with impeccable manufacturing, this mount is undoubtedly reliable for the demanding astronomer. With a database full of celestial objects to point to, a 32-channel GPS system, integrated ST-4 autoguider port, and much more, there’s no way you could go wrong when choosing iOptrons CEM60 EQ mount. The base of this mount is also built for adaptability by having a 150 mm base size, allowing for easy connection to the optional 2-inch tripod iOptron has paired with this, or with a common tripod of your choice.

Built to Impress. Built to Last.

The CEM60 EQ mount is one few mounts in its class to that can hold such a massive payload. Most astronomers in their lifetime will never reach the 60 lb limit of this mount—and that’s not even including how you can customize this with a complete counterweight system! Weighing in at only 27 lbs, this mount is both portable and small-observatory ready. Built entirely of metal (except for the GPS cover), you know that this will be sturdy and durable enough as well. Windy night? No problem. Car gets a little bumpy on the ride to your imaging location? Don’t sweat it! Be sure to secure everything else well in your astrophotography setup and you can be sure the iOptron CEM60 is ready to go at any time with no problems.

No Terror of Periodic Error

Periodic error is a problem that plagues newcomers to the hobby, both because they don’t understand it and because they can’t stop it. The iOptron CEM60 makes that a problem of the past, allowing for a future full of incredible images. Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) is built into the mount, meaning that the more it’s used, the more accurate your tracking will become. Eventually, the CEM60 will have enough of an error history that it takes on a mind of its own, knowing when an error can happen and automatically correcting for it before it ever happens.

Alignment Without Hassle

The great minds at iOptron know what kind of trouble we astronomers can go through when it comes to polar alignment. Whether the pole star is obscured and whatever hemisphere you’re imaging from, the CEM60 will take care of everything. The iOptron AccuAligning procedure with the built-in polar scope incorporates dark-field illumination for fast an accurate polar alignment with you not needing to do much more than press a few buttons!

LiteRoc Tripod Description

The 2” tripod for the CEM60 has been replaced with the LiteRoc 1.75” tripod. The LiteRoc tripod features a 1.75” upper leg section with a 1.5” diameter lower section (same as the previous 2” tripod), resulting in a lighter tripod with stability similar to the old 2”. It also has improved leg cuffs and sockets for further rigidity and redesigned leg lock levers securing the extensions position.

iOptron CEM60 Highlighted Features and Specs

  • Gear switches on both R.A. and DEC axes for easy balancing when disengaged
  • Spring-loaded 8-inch Vixen/Losmandy dual saddle
  • Bubble level for leveling
  • Resolution of 0.06 arc seconds for extreme accuracy
  • Ports: 4 x USB, 2 x DC12V, 6P6C
  • Includes Aluminum Carry Case


Database300000 Objects
DatabaseGo2Nova 8407 plus 300000 Objects
DEC Worm Wheel146mm Diameter 288 Teeth
Drive TypeWorm
Free ShippingYes
Head DesignEquatorial
Instrument Capacity60 lb
Latitude Range70 Degrees
Mount Head Weight28lb
RA Worm Wheel146mm Diameter 288 Teeth
Slew Speed4.5 Degree/sec
Telescope ConnectionDual Vixen & Losmandy
Telescope ConnectionLosmandy Style
Tracking Accuracy0.06 Arcseconds


  • iOptron CEM60 Equatorial Mount
  • Integrated AccuAligning Polar Scope
  • Go2Nova 8407+ Hand Controller
  • Spring-loaded 8-inch Vixen/Losmandy Dual Saddle
  • Built-in GPS System
  • Counterweight Shaft
  • 21 lb Counterweight
  • C Adapter
  • Aluminum Carry Case
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patrick r.
United States United States
Love it! I have learned so much and this mount has helped to take my astrophotography to a completely different level.

The Cem60 has allowed me to take my astrophotography to the next level and reduce all the headaches of my first mount.  I came from an AVX and this mount is night and day a different tool, precise balancing of your imaging rig with the magnetic clutches is a breeze. The zero position and ability for the mount to home and park allows me to use it remotely with ease or set up easily at a remote dark sky site.  The built-in GPS and clock is great and eliminates valuable time in setting up at dark sites. The center balanced design allows the mount to be lighter and more portable but still support 60lbs of payload securely. I can use all matter of scopes from big and heavy 150mm esprit refractors to tiny 70-200 camera lenses and all in between. The mounts tracking and guiding is fantastic and doesn't need any messing with the guiding settings in phd to perform like a champ. i just let SGP open phd and it works flawlessly night after night.  With how cheap this mount is the performance and included features are great, it has polar scope (i use polemaster), gps, nice handpad, dual saddle, integrated usb and power distro on the dec so you never have any dangling cables or snags, single cable running from a minimal-moving part of the mount.  I get dependable results nightly as I leave it set up under a tarp in the back yard and can have the whole setup running images in 2 minutes or less from tarped to collecting data the longest time is the two min to cool down the sensor. I use SGP and platesolve so don't need the handpad or to do star alignments and imaging is automated with meridian flips so that's pretty handy.  Its slightly more than the eq6r but way lighter and a much better design and features. I would def recommend if looking for a versatile budget mount that gives imaging performance night after night for 10min exposures with very few if any throwaways when guiding.  Its hard to think about the time before i had this mount, in fact, i don't even want to think about all problems that it solved, never going back!

John M.
United States
Great Mount

It's a rock solid mount, a great upgrade from my ZEQ25gt that I used for a few years. This was my first NEW mount, and I can say that I'm 100% satisfied with the quality and the performance that it's delivered so far. The staff with OPT was, as always, very friendly and helpful - they really know their stuff! I'm a big fan of iOptron mounts, and this mount makes me like their product even more. My only complaint is that the counterweight isn't so good for smaller scopes - and you have to buy a smaller weight to get a proper balance. Other than that, it's a great setup.

Tony o.
CEM 60 is amazing

I’ve been into Astro photography since the early days of the Meade first camera, going through an LX90 on a wedge, a ***** star book, a celestron CGEM which was pretty good, but this iOptron is by far the best! Polar alignment is easy, tracking is exceptional and GITO puts target in center of field of view without fail. Carries my 9.25” SCT and 80mm guide scope with ease for 25 minute subs!! Performace exceeds my expectations!

vladimir s.

пока нет погоды

United States
iOptron CME 60 a gem

I recently bought this mount through OPT (great service by the way), and I could not be happier. The mount is solid, has great software/operability and is very quiet when slewing. The tri-pier is rock solid and light. The weight/payload capacity is excellent. After years of lugging a 'premium' American-made mount and heavy duty tripod around, this is a dream. I could not be happier with the CEM 60 or with OPT.

Charles W.
United States
Nice mount with minor quibbles; can't wait to actually use it under the stars

So far, I've only had it under the stars a couple times, mainly for software shake-out, so I can't comment on its tracking performance. However, the mount operates very smoothly and predictably. The magnetic clutch controls take some getting used to, but once you do, you can forget about fiddling with them. Balancing is crucial, and I must say I've never seen a mount so smooth in its free-turning state. It's very easy to get a nice balance. And, with the magnetic clutches, hopefully there's no backlash and therefore no reason to slightly off-balance the setup. GPS locks up in less than 2 minutes! The quibbles are related to wire connections. Too bad we still have to use RJ-style connections, with their easily broken lock tabs. Also, the jacks are located in places on the mount that have clearance problems - partially obstructed by the latitude locking clamp, unless you're at the North Pole or equator. And why is the locking tab facing the back? Makes it hard to get one's finger in to disconnect. It's nice they provide power connections that can be locked, but they don't sell such adapters to take advantage of this. The auxiliary power jack is a 5.5x2.5 mm connection, for which a 5.5x2.1 mm plug (all the rest of my 12V adapters) definitely will not fit in, and the one they sell separately doesn't have the locking ring. I do like the USB hub on the saddle. It has just enough connections for the devices I have on the scope. I'm not concerned too much about current sourcing as only the guide cam needs USB power, but a Raspberry Pi required a separate powered USB hub to source the current for the mount's hub, as one might expect.