iOptron CEM25P Equatorial Mount w/ 1.5" Tripod

  • Counterweight shaft
  • Polar Scope
  • One 10 lb Counterweight
  • Standard 1.5 Inch heavy-duty stainless steel tripod
  • Die-cast metal tripod spreader with accessory tray
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iOptron CEM25P Equatorial Mount w/ 1.5" Tripod

The center-balanced iOptron CEM25P Equatorial Mount w/1.5 Inch Tripod is an upgrade to the CEM25 iOptron Mount, and neatly exceeds the previously established level of quality proven by that mount. It now boasts a guaranteed low periodic error of ~+/- 10 Arc seconds or less, without sacrificing any of the traits that made the original a great mount. This improved accuracy is a natural result of the advancement of the techniques used to manufacture the R.A. Gears of these mounts, as iOptron grows ever more skilled at crafting these splendid devices. The CEM25P also features larger gear switches on both axes making access and adjustment easier- especially with light gloves on.

This mount's "Z" design places the payload weight at the center of mass, providing better natural balance. At only 10.4 lb, the CEM25P is remarkably light given its 27 lb payload capacity. This comes in handy when having to set up at a remote location. Additional features include an adjustable counterweight bar to avoid interference with the tripod and polar alignment that is quick and available at all times since it's not impeded by the declination shaft.

The CEM25P is outfitted with the most advanced GoToNova Go-To technology, making it one of the top GoTo mounts on the market in terms of power and accuracy. Its database features more than 59,000 objects. With its large 4-line LCD screen, the GoToNova controller is a user-friendly tool that streamlines the process of setting telescopes and finding objects in the night sky.

iOptron CEM25P Equatorial Mount Features

  • Recently designed Center-Balanced equatorial mount for large payloads with low mount weight
  • Perfect for novice as well as intermediate astrophotographers
  • Payload capacity of 27 lb despite mount weight of only 10.4 lb
  • Spring loaded gear system with user modifiable loading force
  • Gear switches on both R.A. and DEC axes for simple stabilization when disengaged
  • Stepper motor with low power usage.
  • Polar alignment routine for observers who aren't able to see the Pole Star
  • Go2Nova - 8408 controller with Advanced GoToNova Go-T- Technology
  • ST-4 autoguiding port
  • Integrated 32-channel Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Serial port for firmware upgrade and computer command
  • Spring loaded Vixen-style saddle
  • Guaranteed Hyper low Period Error of -/+ 10 Arc Seconds or Less
  • Larger, easier to manipulate gear switches.

OPT Product Number: IO-7100P 


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