iOptron CEM120 EC2 Center Balanced EQ Mount with Dual High End Encoders

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Accessories Added

  • 115 lbs payload capacity
  • Tracking accuracy of less than 0.15 arcsec RMS
  • 12 port cable management saddle
  • LAN, RS232, USB and Wifi Control options for remote observatory setups
  • Built-in 32 Channel GPS 


iOptron CEM120 EC2 Center Balanced EQ Mount with Dual High End Encoders

With the growing demand for accuracy, heavy capacity, stability, and versatility in an equatorial mount, iOptron created the CEM120 to meet all these needs. The CEM 120 like all center balance designs are naturally stable is due to putting the weight of the telescopes directly over the center of the pier or tripod.

The mount’s performance is demonstrated by its low periodic tracking error that is less than 0.15 arcseconds RMS. The CEM120 features an advanced cable management system consisting that prevents tangle ups and reduces the chance of fractured cables. It also adds some new features to the CEM family like Wi-Fi and LAN for remote operation.

The CEM120EC2 has fixed home sensors on each axis. Because of this alignment models are saved and can be reused on future nights as long as the mount is not physically altered after power off. It also can be “homed” through software if position is lost.


Azimuth Range Plus or minus 5 degrees
Dec Worm Wheel216mm/360 teeth
Free ShippingYes
Head DesignGerman Equatorial
Instrument Capacity115 lbs
Latitude Range 65 degrees
Mount ElectronicsComputerized/ GoTo
Power Consumption1.8A
RA Worm Wheel216mm/360 teeth
Saddle WidthD Series
Tracking ModesEQ North & EQ South
Tracking RatesLunar & Sidereal & Solar
Warranty2 Year Warranty
weight capacity115 lbs.
weight57 lbs.
Worm Period240 seconds


  • CEM120EC2 mount head x1
  • Go2Nova 8407 V2 hand controller x1
  • 10 kg counterweight x2
  • Counterweight shaft x1
  • Hand controller cable x1
  • Serial cable (#8412) x1


Ask a Question
  • Hi, does this mount come with the plastic carry case? Thank.

    The CEM60 does include a hard case, though it is made of metal with die cut foam inside.

  • I have a Losmandy G11 Tripod. Does this mount fit on a Losmandy tripod?

    Unfortunately, the IOptron mounts are not compatible with the Losmandy G11 tripod, at least not without creation of an interface-plate. That is a fantastic tripod, though. It may be worth working with a machinist to have an adapter custom made.

  • Is this mount ASCOM compliant?

    Yes, There are ASCOM drivers available for the Ioptron CEM60.

  • What is RMS PE ? PE means periodic error, but I don't know what RMS means.How does a RMS PE of 0.5" compare to absolute PE ?

    RMS means Root Mean Square. It is a statistical method of measuring the average amount of deviation from the zero point. Generally speaking, an RMS of 0.5" will correspond to approximately 1-1.5 arcseconds of peak to valley PE.

  • Does this mount is really stocked? CEM 60 is unavailable thus I assume the encodered version is not yet released as well.

    We received a few more IO-7201 mounts than we had preorders for, so the stock indication is correct. Keep an eye on it, because they may sell through quickly and we would them be waiting for another shipment from iOptron.