iOptron PowerWeight Battery Pack for Most iOptron Mounts

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  • iOptron PowerWeight Battery Pack for Most iOptron Mounts

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    • Combination battery pack and counterweight
    • Outputs 12v/8Ah power
    • Weights 7 lbs in use as a Counterweight
    • Accepts 100-240v AC Input

    iOptron PowerWeight Battery Pack for Most iOptron Mounts

    The iOptron PowerWeight rechargeable counterweight battery pak is specifically designed for use with the iOptron iEQ45, iEQ30, ZEQ25, MiniTower , MiniTower II, and MiniTowerPro mounts.

    Use this battery pak in place of your traditional counterweight (CW), and avoid long extension cords. Inside the counterweight are six (6) heavy-duty spiral wound valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery cells. The 8 amp-hour power pack provides power for operation of your telescope gear out in the field.

    iOptron PowerWeight Battery Pack Highlights

    • 6 cell heavy duty spiral wound VRLA battery
    • 12V/8Ah output
    • No memory effect
    • No liquid spill
    • Two parallel sockets for powering an extra accessory
    • Either socket can be used for charging pr power drawing
    • Can be used as a 7lb counterweight

    iOptron PowerWeight Counterweight Battery Specifications

    • Output : 12V/8Ah
    • LED Indicator: RED: charging, GREEN: charge complete
    • Dimensions : 5.5" x 4.33"
    • Input: 100-240V AC adaptor
    • Weight : 7 lb
    • Working Temp: -50 degree Celsius to +60 degree Celsius

    Additional Information

    • PowerWeight battery pack
    • Power cable
    • Charger
    • Adaptor bar

    Questions & Answers

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    • How long would a fully charged pack last with normal slewing and tracking ? Cheers. Tony

      That would depend on the mount, the outside air temperature, and the time spent slewing vs. tracking, but with most iOptron mounts you would generally get between 6-10 hours of use with this battery.

    • Is it possible to buy just the power cable curly cords? What is the part number.

      Stefan, yes you can buy the power cable! The part number is IO-9999 and the price is $29.95.

    • Will this fit on an LXD-75 mount?

      Technically, the Powerweight will fit on the LXD75 mount counterweight shaft, but iOptron and Meade use different power connections, so you cannot power that mount with this power supply.

    • Will this power my Celestron AVX mount?

      Yes, as Celestron and iOptron share the same power connection and polarity. The AVX can pull almost 3 amps at full slew, so it may last a few hours but you may need more power for a trip out that is longer than one night.