IDAS 48mm Night Glow Suppression Filter

  • FIlter for reducing city glow in the night sky
  • Often paired with IDAS Nebula Booster filters for narrowband imaging
  • 48mm size
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IDAS 48mm Night Glow Suppression Filter

The IDAS Night Glow Suppression 1 (NGS1) Filter is designed to allow astro imaging while not needing to roam too far from your home city lights. It functions with both modern and traditional street lights, including white LED and high/low-pressure sodium vapors. NGS1 filters are often paired with the IDAS Nebula Booster filters to bring out the most signal from whichever bandpass you’re looking for; between OIII, SII, or Ha.

IDAS NGS Chart 1

IDAS NGS Chart 2


BandpassMulti Bandpass
Filter ShapeRound
Filter TypeLight Pollution/City Light Suppression