IDAS Light Pollution Suppression (LPS) Filter w/ SCT Adapter - 2" Round Mounted

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IDAS Light Pollution Suppression (LPS) Filter w/ SCT Adapter - 2" Round Mounted

The IDAS 48 mm (2-Inch) Round Light Pollution Suppression (LPS) Filter w/ SCT Adapter:

Now IDAS has tweaked the LPS-P2 to more optimize for one-shot color and modified DSLRs cameras. Please see the response curve in the images above.

The key concept on the LPS-D1 is to reduce the reddish background cast like HEUIB-II while blocking light pollution as much as it can. Although LPS-P2 is effectively blocking light pollution while retaining good color balance comparing with other brand filters, it was not as good as HEUIB-II at shown at following my test when color camera was used.

The LPS-D1 is the answer.

As the response curve indicates, LPS-D1 loses SII emission line while LPS-P2 didn't. So this is why it's basically intended to be used with one-shot color cameras.

OPT Product Number: HU-LPS-D1-48SCT


Additional Information

Accessory TypeLight Pollution Reduction
Filter MountedMounted
Filter Side Adapter SizeRound
Filter Size2"
Filter TypeLPS D1
SizeSCT Standard
Warranty1 Year Warranty

Questions & Answers

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  • What is the total back focus taken up by the adapter/filter?

    The back focus is ~18.5mm mechanical and ~17.7mm optical including ~-0.8mm filter refraction from the 2.5mm thick IDAS LPS filter.

  • I don't see a carry handle in the pictures. Surely it has a handle y/n?

    Hello Bob, Thank you for your question. This case indeed comes with handles on either end of the case which will make it easier to carry considering the size & weight of the ED 127.

  • Once this is mounted to the rear cell will I then be able to mount other equipment, such as a focal reducer, as well?

    Yes, you can thread on a focal reducer or other accessories after this filter on the rear cell of your scope.

  • Does the eyepiece holder/focuser on this scope rotate? Can it be locked in place to prevent slippage when doing astro-photography? Is it relatively easy to attach a digital SLR to the scope? What type of finder scope foot is needed to attach a finder?

    Hello Jim, Thank you for your question. The eyepiece holder/focuser on this scope can be rotated & it can be locked in place thereby preventing slippage during astrophotography on most DSLR cameras. Keep in mind that if you're going to use a large &

  • What's the thickness of the glass?

    Hutech uses 2.5mm thick glass on their filters. This gives an optical refraction of ~ when calculating the change in focus.

  • Can this be threaded directly into the reducer or coma corrector and inserted into the focuser (I.E. No change in backfocus spacing distance) , or does it need to be threaded directly in front of the sensor such as into an OAG?

    Chris, you may put the LPS any place you have 2" to thread onto. The important thing to note is the more weight it supports, the closer it needs to be to the sensor. Tony

  • Can this filter be installed in the SBIG STF-8300c ?

    Yes, this filter can be used, as long as you have the included 2" nosepiece attached and the 2" filter threaded onto the end. This filter cannot be used with a conventional T adapter without special adapters. If your scope needs a 2" reducer or flattene