IDAS Light Pollution Suppression (LPS) Filter - 2" Round Mounted

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IDAS Light Pollution Suppression (LPS) Filter - 2" Round Mounted

IDAS Light Pollution Suppression (LPS) Filter - 2"

Now IDAS has tweaked the LPS-P2 to more optimize for one-shot color and modified DSLRs cameras. Please see the response curve in the images above.

The key concept on the LPS-D1 is to reduce the reddish background cast like HEUIB-II while blocking light pollution as much as it can. Although LPS-P2 is effectively blocking light pollution while retaining good color balance comparing with other brand filters, it was not as good as HEUIB-II at shown at following my test when color camera was used.

The LPS-D1 is the answer.

As the response curve indicates, LPS-D1 loses SII emission line while LPS-P2 didn't. So this is why it's basically intended to be used with one-shot color cameras.

Manufacturer Product Number: LPS-D1-48

Additional Information

Accessory TypeLight Pollution Reduction
Filter MountedMounted
Filter Side Adapter SizeRound
Warranty1 Year Warranty

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Questions & Answers

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  • Is this filter compatible with Celestron 8" Edge HD, Celestron .7X Focal Reducer and my QHY8L camera?

    This filter can be used, but you will need a filter drawer system with a 2" drawer placed between the reducer and T adapter and the QHY8L. You will also need spacers to connect to and from the filter drawer housing to get the spacing to the CCD correct.

  • Is this filter compatible with HyperStar 3 Lens - 8'' Celestron Edge HD and my QHY8L camera?

    Yes. The Hyperstar adapter for your QHY8L camera includes an internal female M48 thread that will allow you to add a 2" mounted light pollution or narrowband filter. You have to separate the adapter from the Hyperstar to access this thread, and then you

  • Hello. Could I combine the (Celestron 8" Edge HD without adapter plate and visual back) + (Celestron 0.7X focal reducer) + (OS-A2T 2" to T thread adapter with IDAS LPS-D1 2" Filter Round Mounted) + (QHY8L camera)?

    Unfortunately, this combination is not possible. You will need a filter drawer installed to accept the 2" filter. Please contact us via e-mail at or for details.

  • Which LPS filter would be most appropriate for an UN-modified DSLR: D1, P2 or V4?

    The D1 filter set was designed with one shot color cameras in mind. For your camera, this would be the best choice.

  • How well does this filter work with monochrome CCD cameras, such as the Atik 428EX? I can't seem to find the P2 version anywhere.

    This filter works very well with a monochrome camera, although you do lose some sensitivity with your light pollution (exposure needs to be increased approximately 40% in luminance). Here is an image shot with an Apogee U16000 through the IDAS LPS P2 fil

  • Is it possible to put it in a 2" eyepiece filter thread too? How is it in visual? Does it reduce light pollution and increase contrast for visual too?

    The 2" round mounted version of this filter will thread into 2" eyepieces or diagonals and can be used visually. The filter works well at suppressing light pollution and is generally stronger than a broadband filter while weaker than a UHC or OIII filter

  • I have a Celestron 8se. Can I screw this filter on the rear cell and screw on my t-adapter to the filter?

    Unfortunately, no. You will need the version of the same filter that also comes with the SCT adapter, here: The filter is identical in both cases, bu

  • Hi, how can I use this filter with my 100mm skywatcher and canon T3i. I am also using 0.85x FR/FF

    You would need to use a T Ring like the Baader BA-DSLRT to allow the 2" filter to be mounted inside the T-ring. This ring is designed for Baader filters, so it may not have clearance for the IDAS filters (but probably does!).

  • Will this thread into my 2" flattener? Flattener has threads inside it.

    On most brands of 2" flattener, yes. Almost all 2" flatteners have standard 2" filter threads on the inside of the barrel on the scope side, and this filter should thread right on. The only ones that will not work are some of the flatteners that thread

  • Will this filter screw onto a DSLR lens as long as the lens (or adapter) is 48mm? Or is it a different thread type?

    Yes, If your lens has a 48mm filter thread then you will be able to attach this filter without any adaptation. I do not recommend using this filter with a step-down ring since this will stop down the lens and ultimately reduce your light gathering effic

  • Does this scope allow use of the WO Binoviewers and if so what accessories may be required? If so, what is the maximum strength of eyepieces that can be used?

    Unfortunately, due to the limited back focus of the telescope, you will not be able to use a set of binoviewers.

  • Does the filter idas lps can be adapted to a zwo ASI 071 mc on a C9.25 EDGE HD with its T Adaptor for planetary imaging (no reducer) ? Thank you

    Good afternoon and thanks for asking. The best way to accomplish this is to pick up one of our OS-A2T camera adapters. It's a 2' nosepiece with T Thread on the camera side and 2" threads on the scope side. You just thread the IDAS into the OS-A2T and slip

  • Can I fit this filter in line with other filters with a SX-H16 and SX Filter wheel used with a SW Esprit 100mm and also used with C11

    Yes, you can use this in line with your other filters, though you will have to account for a slight color shift toward the blue in post processing.

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