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Hutech Wanderer Powerbox ultimate V2

Brand: Hutech


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  • Built in power sensor
  • Powerful customization features
  • 9 USB ports that can independently switch on/off
  • High current and 5v power supply to meet the power needs of various kinds of equipment!

Product Details

  • The Hutech Wanderer Powerbox Ultimate V2 comes equipped with several HighSpeed ports.

    Hutech Wanderer Ultimate Powerbox V2

    Multiple DC outputs

    There are 9 DC outputs (1* Always On + 3* PWM + 5*DC) and this powerbox reached up to 16 Amps in total.

    USB Hub

    There are 3 USB 3.1 SuperSpeed ports, in addition to 6 USB 2.0 HighSpeed ports. All of them can be switched ON/OFF independently.

    All USB ports are equipped with ±20kV ESD for stability in dry weather.

    Hutech Wanderer Ultimate Powerbox V2 USB


    The Wanderer Powerbox Ultimate V2 is light and small. Weighing only 188g.

    Easy installation

    This powerbox can easily be intalled and added to your setup. With M6 and M4 threaded holes at its bottom.

    Hutech Wanderer Ultimate Powerbox V2

    5V power supply

    Equipped with a built-in 12v-5v step-down module, this powerbox provides continuous current up to 5A. It comes with 6A self-recovery fuse as well, to prevent overcurrent.

     Abundant DC output ports

    Provides you everything

    Wanderer Ultimate Powerbox V2

    Port 9 is an Always-On DC output that is suitable for equipment that needs to be powered on along with your computer. 

    Ports 1-3 are PWM outputs, which allow manual or auto control of your dew heaters. 

    Ports 4-8 are 5 DC outputs, suitable for power supply for your CCDs, rotators, focusers, etc. 

    Dew heaters and Switch mode can be switched upon demand. 

    If on are no dew heaters are necessary, ports 1-3 can be set to Switch mode, along with  ports 4-8. 

  • specifications

    ConnectivityUSB3 Type B USB Connector
    Power Input ConnectorDual DC 5.5 x 2.5mm Female (gold plated) Maximum 16A
  • included items

    • Hutuch Wanderer PowerBox Ultimate V2

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