IDAS Light Pollution Suppression Filter D2 - CANON APS-C

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IDAS Light Pollution Suppression Filter D2 - CANON APS-C

These are suitable for CANON APS-C cameras.

The IDAS Light Pollution Suppression filters are perfect for those who want to partake in astrophotography in the convenience of their own backyard. These can, of course, be used when heading out to darker sites with great success, but they really show their true potential when surrounded by the many lights in modern city areas.

You will lose some sensitivity, but losing a little bit of light in any light suppression filter is expected. Nonetheless, with these filters you are in a really good spot to get the most out of a single shot with the color camera of your choice. And if you're uncertain whether a filter in this line will fit, you can rest easy knowing that there's a size for you with little to no need for any further modifications!


Filter Thickness2.5mm
Filter TypeLight Pollution/City Light Suppression
ShapeCanon APS C