Hotech Green Pointer Remote Switch

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Hotech Green Pointer Remote Switch

The Green Pointer Remote Switch by HOTECH:

The HOTECH Green Pointer Remote Switch keeps your hand away from the telescope when activating the laser. It prevents unwanted movement on the telescope when activating the mounted laser.

The switch is extremely durable and reliable. It can perform over 1.5 million switching cycle, and is designed for outdoor environment where no dirt or moisture can affect the performance of the switch. It will always faithfully activate the laser on your demand.

Second image depicts switch attached to laser(not included)



OPT Product Number: HT-RSW01-LP





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  • I presume this switch will only work with a Hotech laser pointer?

    Hello Bruce, Thank you for your question. That is indeed correct. You can only use this switch on the Hotech Laser Pointers.