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Hobym Crux Mini Computerized German Equatorial Mount

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Accessories Added

  • Harmonic Drive Mount
  • Mount Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Mount Capacity: 22 lbs
  • Periodic Error: +/- 20" w/PEC +/- 3"
  • Fits in the palm of your hand!


Hobym Crux Mini Computerized German Equatorial Mount

Small, Light, Powerful

The CRUX MINI is amazingly efficient, weighing an ultra-light 5.5 lbs and able to carry payloads almost 4 times its weight with optional counterweights. The harmonic drive that moves this mount offers excellent tracking performance due to its zero-backlash design. The CRUX MINI does not require any counterweights for payloads up to 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg). This ensures lower costs and much greater freedom in transporting the mount to remote locations. The mount can carry a full 22 lbs (10kg) with the optional 5.5 lbs counterweight and counterweight shaft. The whole setup is so small that it can fit into the space normally occupied by a telephoto lens in a camera bag or backpack.

Crux Mini in the palm of a hand

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Accurate Tracking

The Crux Mini utilites the P-motion Crontroll system to controll cycle errors in the gears. This can minimizes the tracking error to less that ±3 arcseconds. In other words you'll likely be able to take a 20 minute exposure using a medium sized refractor without using a guiding system!


This incredible telescope mount is equipped with the most advanced telescope control system, the TiTaN1 TCS, to realize the highest ease of use and control among mobile systems – with or without a computer. The TiTaN TCS controller has high power and the ability to scale and supports advanced wireless environments as well as a connection via serial or USB.

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Please note that counterweights, counterweight bars and tripods are optional accessories.


Database14026 Objects
Drive TypeHarmonic Drive
Head DesignGerman Equatorial
Instrument Capacity22.0462 lbs
Mount Head Weight5.5lbs
PortsMicro USB Type B
PortsUSB Type A
Power Consumption12V 2A
Slew Speed2000x Sidereal
Telescope ConnectionArca Swiss
Weight Capacity22 lbs.


  • Mount Head
  • TiTaN Hand Controller