Hobym Crux 170HD Computerized German Equatorial Mount

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Hobym Crux 170HD Computerized German Equatorial Mount

The CRUX 170HD is amazingly efficient, weighing just a bit over 10 lbs and able to carry payloads almost 4 times its weight with optional counterweights. It offers excellent performance for precise long focal length astrophotography due to its zero-backlash design, which is a major advantage of harmonic drives. Even without PEC, sub-arcsecond guided tracking is possible due to the instantaneous response to guide commands. The CRUX 170HD does not require any counterweights for payloads up to 22 lbs (10 kg). This ensures lower costs and much greater freedom in transporting the mount to remote locations.  For higher payloads, only a small amount of counterweighting is needed, unlike other equatorial mounts that need counterweights equal or heavier than the payload.


Because of this, the CRUX 170HD can fulfill the role of both a light-weight high-precision portable mount or a high-capability medium-payload mount for permanent or semi-permanent setups. It is an excellent choice for remote use due to its outstanding performance, rigidity, and design that can meet the needs of discriminating astroimagers. The harmonic drives have an estimated lifespan that exceeds 100 years with near continuous permanent usage.  No other mount motor design can boast this level of dependability. This incredible telescope mount is equipped with the most advanced telescope control system, the TiTaN1 TCS, to realize the highest ease of use and control among mobile systems – with or without a computer. The TiTaN TCS controller has high power and scalability and supports advanced wireless environments as well as connection via serial or USB. 


The Crux 170HD uses P-motion Control, one of the core features of the TiTan TCS, to control periodic errors (PE) in an innovative way. As a result, running the in-mount PEC routine while autoguiding will result in a periodic error value below +/- 5 arcseconds.  Autoguiding will further reduce this to a fraction of an arcsecond.


Hobym Crux 170HD Computerized German Equatorial Mount


Drive TypeHarmonic Drive
Head DesignGerman Equatorial
Mount Head Weight10.8lbs
PortsMicro USB Type B
PortsUSB Type A
Power Consumption12V 2A
Slew Speed1000x Sidereal
Telescope ConnectionTakahashi Style 35mm Spacing
Weight Capacity52.9 lbs.



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