Hutech Hinode Solar Guider with Hand Controller - Universal

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  • Hutech Hinode Solar Guider with Hand Controller - Universal

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    Hutech Hinode Solar Guider with Hand Controller - Universal

    The first of it's kind, the AstroHutech Hinode Solar Guider is an autoguider designed specifically for solar observation and imaging. Perfect for a grab and go set up and outreach, the Hinode Solar Guider does not require a precise polar alignment. Make solar observing fun again and cut down on post processing times, by taking away the routine of tracking the sun manually while maintaining a perfectly centered position. A built in coarse adjustment finder, helps you find the sun quickly!

    Requiring no sunspots to track, the Hutech Hinode Guider will track on the solar disc. Conveniently compact, the optics, sensor and filter are in one small package so a separate guide scope and camera are not required! A one time easy calibration makes this accessory nearly plug and play. Simply choose AM or PM tracking. Paired with a hand controller, you can leave your laptop at home. Audio cues and visual LED aides let you quickly align. Also fully PC compatible with upgradeable firmware. This guider is also compatible with any ST4 or Losmandy style mount guider port.

    Made to pair easily with virtually any telescope or mount, a universal mounting block is included and is compatible with most finder scope mounting blocks available on the market.

    Compact and light weight! 106mm x 67mm x 28mm, 270g (9.52 ounces)

    Please see Here for Firmware Update Information and Changelogs!

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    • Would this also possibly work for tracking the moon?

      According to Hutech, the filter on this guider is only set up for solar tracking and will not be able to pick up the moon to guide on.

    • I'm curious if this will work on a Meade LX200 that is running in Alt/AZ mode? I've read somewhere that the autoguider port is disabled on the scope when setup in Alt/Az mode but since I do not own any type of autoguider I have never been able t

      My coworker Todd confirmed that the autoguider port is disabled in Alt-Az mode on the LX200. He tried this with an autoguider with his own scope in the past. You would need a wedge and to tell your scope that it is in EQ mode.

    • Can the solar guider be used during a solar eclipse? Is it able to track on the sun when the shape of the disc is changing? What happens during totality?

      The Hinode Solar Guider will in fact keep guiding during the partial phases of the eclipse. It will lose the sun during the time of totality, but as long as the polar alignment is good enough it will re-acquire and re-center the sun as soon as totality h

    • How much does the mounted unit weigh? I have a rather restrictive payload on my Star Adventurer. Also has anyone tried this combo of the Hinode and SkyWatcher Star Adventurer?

      According to the manufacturer, the Hinode weighs approximately 0.6lbs. At this moment in time, we have not tried the Hinode with a SkyWatcher Star Adventurer.