Hutech Hinode Solar Guider with Hand Controller - Universal

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Hutech Hinode Solar Guider with Hand Controller - Universal

The first of it's kind, the AstroHutech Hinode Solar Guider is an autoguider designed specifically for solar observation and imaging. Perfect for a grab and go set up and outreach, the Hinode Solar Guider does not require a precise polar alignment. Make solar observing fun again and cut down on post processing times, by taking away the routine of tracking the sun manually while maintaining a perfectly centered position. A built in coarse adjustment finder, helps you find the sun quickly!

Requiring no sunspots to track, the Hutech Hinode Guider will track on the solar disc. Conveniently compact, the optics, sensor and filter are in one small package so a separate guide scope and camera are not required! A one time easy calibration makes this accessory nearly plug and play. Simply choose AM or PM tracking. Paired with a hand controller, you can leave your laptop at home. Audio cues and visual LED aides let you quickly align. Also fully PC compatible with upgradeable firmware. This guider is also compatible with any ST4 or Losmandy style mount guider port.

Made to pair easily with virtually any telescope or mount, a universal mounting block is included and is compatible with most finder scope mounting blocks available on the market.


Compact and light weight! 106mm x 67mm x 28mm, 270g (9.52 ounces)

Please see Here for Firmware Update Information and Changelogs!



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Christopher R.
United States
Hinode Solar Guider

Easy set-up Works very well with A celestron 1100 CPC with an 80mm celestron guide scope used with a Day Star Quark H-Alpha filter and a QHY 183C camera.

This thing is GREAT!

I glad I bought this unit. Its super easy to set up and seems to have all of the bells and whistles. First of all, it comes in a nice plastic case. As always, I wanted to hook it up without reading the instructions but common sense tells me to read the instructions first :) The instructions are simple to understand and the unit is easy to install. I installed the unit directly in place of the Sol-Seacher. (Bought for a Lunt scope and fit in the notch on the clamshell). It has its own built in sun alignment hole. What I like better about the built in sun searcher is that the surface that the sun hits is actually yellow! But works just as good as the other. OK, so here is where it got stuck and I think it would have been great for Hutech to include is a USB to 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter or some adapter from their mini USB to USB cable for the power supply. In the instructions it states that no adapter is needed when you are hooked up to a computer, which is true, but I'm not using a computer! I'm running all of my stuff off of a 12 volt battery or solar panels. Maybe others may need a USB to 120v wall wart? of course there could be 2 adapters included! I had to run down to my nearest electronic store and pick up at 12V lighter plug to USB convertor. Maybe a 12v input would have been nice also? instead of the 5v mini USB input! Anyway getting to the setup part. Its really easy. Just push several buttons and you are guiding. I'm using this on my CGEM mount. There is a list of Go-To mounts that they have tested in the manual. I didn't see that before I purchased this but it should work for the most popular mounts. There are some fine adjustments that can be made but I didn't even try them. I know one of my friends had to mess with the guide rate but I didn't, so it must have been set right on my mount. Push the Calibrate button. Let it do its thing (takes several minutes) and then it goes back to the Finder mode. Now push the Guide button and its off and running. Before using this, the sun would move off of my computer screen in about 15 minutes, but with the guider the sun would stay put, even that little sunspot would not move on the screen (at all!)! I'm using this for my time lapse video, and can run all day, well almost all day. I have to do a meridian flip around 1:30 PM (California). There is also built in sound, more like, well, as my friends put it, cute hums, if you loose the sun etc... The biggest drawback for me was the price, but after using it, how could I have ever gotten anything done without it! Well worth the price. Well built, well thought of as far as the controls, software, even hardware!