Heavy Duty Vixen Super Polaris Dovetail Conversion Adapter

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Heavy Duty Vixen Super Polaris Dovetail Conversion Adapter

IDEA Engineering's heavy-duty Vixen style dovetail clamp threads onto any existing Vixen Super Polaris mount.

The Super Polaris mount was a great mount with precision gearing, but it lacked the convenient modern dovetail arrangement that all modern mounts have. Now you can convert this otherwise fantastic mount in seconds.

It has threads for two 6mm thumb screws, which came standard with the Super Polaris. If your mount has had the holes drilled out, like many out there, then you simply need to get a pair of 6mm bolts.

The saddle plate is angled on one side and has extra width to make it easy to attach and detach your telescope simply by tilting. The hand knobs push the plate into this angled side for a secure fit. The smaller hand knob is the safety, in case you turn the large knob in the dark by mistake.