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Gerd Neumann Bahtinov Mask for 67mm Filter Thread

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Gerd Neumann Bahtinov Mask for 67mm Filter Thread

Gerd Neumann Bahtinov Mask for 67mm Filter Thread

The 67mm Bahtinov mask from Gerd Neumann is a laser cut, precision focusing mask designed to fit photographic lenses that accept a 67mm filter. If you are a DSLR or SLR night-sky photographer, you need this accessory. Easy to use and you'll achieve perfect focus, every time.

Perfect focus is extremely important, particularly for the astrophotographer. Even a slight digression from perfection can result in blurry or lopsided stars. Out of all of the focusing tools available on the market, often times the best ones are the most simple. The Bahtinov mask, named after its creator, Pavel Bahtinov, is a grid that is placed over the front of your telescope or lens. A specialized pattern of straight slots, running parallel to one another creates a helpful pattern of bright spikes that will radiate out from a focus star. You know you are in focus when those spikes meet at their center and form a symmetrical star-burst type shape.

Gerd Neumann's Bahtinov masks use a very large number of slots compared to other masks allowing much more light to reach your camera sensor therefore allowing you to use a larger array of stars for focusing. On a very bright star and while using a DSLR in live view mode, you can focus very easily. Simply attach the mask to the front of your lens, aim yourself at a bright star of your choosing, turn your camera on and go into a live view mode. Focus until you've achieved a symmetrical pattern and remove the mask. You're now ready to capture a perfectly focused image!

GNJ Bahtinov masks are made from black coated aluminum to maintain a light weight but lasting durability with the ability to be threaded directly into a photographic lens. Unlike homemade cardboard masks, pattern edges stay sharp and intact and are precision-laser cut.


ManufacturerGerd Neumann

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Mike Weasner

Great focus aid

I had been thinking about getting a Bahtinov Mask for my D7000 DSLR camera lens for several months. After having a lot of focusing challenges while doing some piggyback photography of Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) on 3 January 2015, I finally decided to order this "Gerd Neumann Bahtinov Mask". My Nikon zoom lenses take 67mm filters, so that is the size Bahtinov Mask I ordered. (Other sizes available are: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 87mm, and 105mm, ranging in price from $59 to $139.) After using the Mask on my DSLR lens, I found it easy to use, just like the Bahtinov Mask I use on my 8" telescope. The lens Mask screws on just a camera lens filter. The attached photo shows an in-focus photograph taken with the Mask on my DSLR 300mm lens, f/5.6, 1 second, ISO 25600, The Gerd Neumann Bahtinov Mask is of high quality and should last a long time with care. As long as the mask slots are not damaged, the mask should continue to perform well over time. It is very easy to use and will result in obtaining precise focus with a camera lens. If your camera has a high ISO setting available and a "live view" screen, you can easily achieve a precise focus. If your camera does not have a high enough ISO setting or does not have a live view, you can still get a good focus by taking photos as you adjust the focus ring on the lens. The longer focal length you use, the easier focusing will be. But you should still be able to achieve a good focus with almost any focal length lens. The Gerd Neumann Bahtinov Mask is now a standard accessory in my DSLR photographic kit so that will always be available. If there is a model for your lens filter size, I recommend the Gerd Neumann Bahtinov Mask to help you get precisely focused astrophotographs with your camera.