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Gerd Neumann Main Body DX Filter Drawer System for Canon EOS

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Gerd Neumann Main Body DX Filter Drawer System for Canon EOS

Gerd Neumann Main Body DX Canon EOS Filter Drawer System

The Gerd Neumann Filter Drawer System is a very reasonable alternative to the filter wheel when manually switching between filters is sufficient. The Filter Drawer System is made of black-anodized aluminum and brass with the exception of the drawer knobs. The drawers are also aluminum so that infrared cannot reach your sensor (a possibility when plastic is used for drawers). Stainless steel V2A screws are used for durability.

When the drawer and filter are inserted into the main body of the Filter Drawer System, it is held in the correct position with the use of a small, adjustable spring-loaded ball. Every time you change the filter, the drawer will go back in the same position. A wide range of filter drawers are available for this system. Keeping each of your filters in their own drawer makes changing filters quick and easy. It is possible to use just one drawer with the Filter System, but this means that you will be required to remove one filter and screw in another each time to change filters, which can be frustrating. The drawers have an optical depth of 22 mm and can be used with telescopes of a high focal ratio. Filter drawers are sold separately, as is a "blind plug" that seals up the drawer opening in the main body when a filter drawer is not inserted.

Gerd Neumann Product Number: 10-501-015


ManufacturerGerd Neumann