Farpoint Unmounted Bahtinov Mask for 58mm Camera Filter

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Farpoint Unmounted Bahtinov Mask for 58mm Camera Filter

Farpoint Unmounted Bahtinov Mask for 58mm Camera Filter

In 2008, Pavel Bahtinov, a Russian amateur telescope maker and astronomer, created a great new way to easily focus a DSLR camera, webcam, or CCD camera for astrophotography. Ever since, the Bahtinov mask has been a necessary part of an imager's arsenal. It works very simply, consisting of three seperate grids that are positioned so as to produce three angled diffraction spikes at the focal plane of the instrument for each bright image element. This particular model is 58mm, allowing it to snap into a UV or Skylight filter with 58mm threads. This filter is not included and must be purchased separately. Made out of virtually indestructible ABS plastic, the Farpoint Unmounted Bahtinov Mask will last you as long as it needs to, and is both durable and effective. To make a long story short; using this device, you can make use of an ingenious and simple method of focusing any kind of Camera, and this simple focus mask is durable enough to last however long you need to use it for!

  • Incredibly durable
  • 58mm filter compatible
  • Bahtinov Mask
  • Unmounted design snaps into place.