FLI Proline PL31600-C Color CCD Camera with 63.5 mm Shutter

Brand: FLI

SKU : FL-PL31600-C

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  • FLI Proline PL31600-C Color CCD Camera with 63.5 mm Shutter

    About the FLI Proline Camera System

    The FLI ProLine Imaging System is the new standard-bearer in CCD camera efficiency and flexibility. As the forerunner of FLI's imaging systems, Proline cameras provide user-defined download rates, cooling base configuration options, and an independent hermetically-sealed chamber for the CCD and electronics. All of the most important elements of the FLI Proline are CNC machined for longevity, even under the most stressful conditions. The ProLine base / heat sink, front flange, and shutter housing are each assembled from a lone fragment of high-grade aluminum. Since the Proline fan cover is also part of the base assembly, it too is CNC machined! Electrical printed circuit boards employ only top-of-the-line components and are shielded from severe atmospheric conditions, removing the need for conformal coatings.

    By allowing the user to choose from an array of extremely fast download speeds, the Proline breaks new ground. For focusing, you can download images at 12 megapixels per second, meaning you can download an unbinned image to your PC in as little as as one second! With imaging in mind, the download rate can be decreased to reduce noise in the final image. The Proline will function at -30???C with ambient temperatures reaching 35???C (84???F) for lowest dark current and its attendant noise, thanks to a continuous 55???C cooling performance. Although additional cooling or cooling sequence is not needed, a liquid cooling option is available if a wider range is desired.

    Traditional imaging cameras transfer image data directly from the sensor to the USB port, rendering them exposed to added artifacts due to PC-related concerns such as processing tasks and processor speed. Each FLI Proline CCD camera features internal memory capability, allowing the imaging chip to be read quickly and downloaded to your PC. Because of this, your PC can take the image at its own highest level of proficiency without introducing any unwanted visual anomalies. The Proline image sensor is precisely coordinated so that the imaging chip is perpendicular to the optical path without shims or other post-assembly corrections due to a sophisticated design and refined production methods. This is vital as chips get bigger to guarantee the entire frame of your image is in focus.

    About The TrueSense Full Frame KAF-31600 Sensor...

    The KAF-31600 is a dual output, high performance color array CCD (charge coupled device) image sensor with 6496(H) x 4872(V) 6.8?um square pixels, designed for digital still camera applications. Each pixel contains anti-blooming protection to prevent image corruption during high light level conditions. Each of the pixels are selectively covered with red, green or blue pigmented filters for color separation, and microlenses are added for improved sensitivity. The photoactive pixels are surrounded by a border of buffer and light-shielded pixels.

    The sensor utilizes the TRUESENSE Transparent Gate Electrode to improve sensitivity compared to the use of a standard front side illuminated polysilicon electrode.

    TrueSense Full Frame KAF-31600 Sensor Features

    • Architecture: Full Frame CCD with square pixels
    • Total Number of Pixels: 6606 x 4954 = 32.8M
    • Number of Effective Pixels: 6536 x 4912 = 32.1M
    • Number of Active Pixels: 6496 x 4872 = 31.6M
    • Pixel Size: 6.8um
    • Imager Size: 55.2mm Diagonal
    • Chip Size: 4605 mm x 35 mm
    • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    • Saturation Signal: 60 ke
    • Charge to Voltage Conversion: 24 V/e-
    • Quantum Efficiency in RGB: 37%, 43%, 36%
    • Read Noise: 16 e, f-24MHz
    • Dark Signal: 2 mV (T = 40 degrees C)
    • Dark Current Doubling Temperature: 6.3 degrees C
    • Linear Dynamic Range: 70.5 dB (f= 24 MHz, T = 40 degrees C)
    • Charge Transfer Efficiency: 0.999995, HCTE/VCTE = 0.999999
    • Blooming Protection: 1000X (4 ms exposure time)
    • Maximum Data Rate: 24 MHz
    • Readout Mode: Dual output only
  • specifications

    Color or MonoColor
    Dark Current25 degreesC
    Full Well60ke
    Mega Pixels32.7 MP
    MPMore than 20 MP
    Peak QE43%
    Pixel Array6606 x 4954
    Pixel Size6.8 microns
    Sensor Diagonal55.2 mm
    Sensor TypeCCD
    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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