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FLI MicroLine ML29050 Monochrome Grade 2 CCD Camera - No Mechanical Shutter

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FLI MicroLine ML29050 Monochrome Grade 2 CCD Camera - No Mechanical Shutter

About the FLI MicroLine CCD Camera Series

Goodbye Goliath! MicroLine CCD cameras are smaller and lighter-weight than the competition, but outperforms them in key areas such as noise, frame quality, download speeds, bit-depth, and CCD cooling.

FLI MicroLine CCD cameras feature fast download speeds that simply leave the competition behind. Each component of the FLI MicroLine camera is designed and manufactured for a long life in the most demanding conditions. All major components are CNC machined and you're looking at only the highest quality electrical components and circuit boards with logo, serial number and focal plane indicators laser-etched on the surface - not printed. FLI designed photo-etched stainless-steel shutters are field-serviceable should they ever encounter damage and the sensor is hermetically sealed from dust and moisture.

What sets FLI MicroLine CCD Cameras apart is their small form factor. At 3.7 x 3.7 x 5 inches (HWL), the FLI MicroLine is a small camera with big camera capabilities! The Microline improves upon the highly successful FLI MaxCam design in a number of key areas including cooling, download speeds, clear aperture, and sensor capability.

Now, let's talk about FLI MicroLine CCD Camera Cooling... The FLI MicroLineÆ’????????s robust cooling design achieves a sustainable cooling performance of 50-55??? deg C below ambient. The cameraÆ’????????s CCD can be operated at -30??? deg C with typical room temperatures and without the need for water cooling (sold as a separate option, visit the Accessories section for a list of choices) or special cooling sequences. Simply set the MicroLine cooling where you want it and the camera will do the rest Æ’???????? quickly and worry-free.

Conventional imaging cameras move the image data directly from the image sensor to the USB port, making them susceptible to added artifacts due to PC processing tasks, processor speed, and other PC-related issues. The MicroLine avoids these issues with its internal frame buffer, thus allowing an image to be quickly read out and downloaded to the PC. This allows the PC to take the image at whatever speed it is capable of without introducing any artifacts to the image.

When it comes the FLI MicroLine, you get system compatibility and mounting options as well as mechanical shutter, liquid cooling, and Anti-Dew Technology options that will help you trick out your camera the way you want it. The MicroLine line of CCD cameras is compatible with all FLI imaging accessories, including the Precision line of Color Filter Wheels and Digital Focusers. MicroLine camera adapters are available for microscope, telescope and machine vision connectivity. Scroll down for a list of available time-of-purchase options for this camera model and sensor combination.

FLI MicroLine CCD Camera Series Features in a Nutshell..

  • Storage temperature range: -50???C to +100???C - Operation temperature range: -40???C to +50???C - Relative humidity operating range: 95%
  • Heavy weight performance in a 2.8 lbs package with Liquid and Air Cooled bases
  • RBI Annihilator Standard and AR Coated Windows
  • Video mode with interline sensors and Small Footprint (3.7 x 3.7 x 5in.)
  • Power requirements: 12V - Reaches operating temperatures in 5 minutes!
  • Ideal for X-ray Applications, Astronomical Imaging, Scientific Imaging, Medical Applications, and Forensic Applications.

About The Kodak Interline KAI-29050C Monochrome Grade 2 Sensor...

The Kodak KAI-29050 Image Sensor is a 29-megapixel CCD in a 35 mm optical (43 mm diagonal) optical format. Based on the Kodak TrueSense 5.5 micron Interline Transfer CCD Platform, the sensor features broad dynamic range, excellent imaging performance, and a flexible readout architecture that enables use of 1, 2, or 4 outputs for full resolution readout up to 4 frames per second. A vertical overflow drain structure suppresses image blooming and enables electronic shuttering for precise exposure control.

The sensor is available with the Kodak TrueSense Color Filter Pattern, a technology which provides a 2x improvement in light sensitivity compared to a standard color Bayer part. The sensor shares common PGA pin-out and electrical configurations with other devices based on the Kodak TrueSense 5.5 micron Interline Transfer CCD Platform, allowing a single camera design to be leveraged to support multiple members of this sensor family.

Kodak Interline KAI-29050C Grade 2 Monochrome Sensor Features

  • Progressive scan readout
  • Flexible readout architecture
  • High frame rate
  • High sensitivity
  • Low noise architecture
  • Excellent smear performance
  • Package pin reserved for device identification
  • Architecture: Interline CCD, Progressive Scan
  • Total Number of Pixels: 6644 X 4452
  • Total Number of Effective Pixels: 6600 X 4408
  • Pixel Size: 5.5 um x 5.5 um
  • Active Image Size: 35mm optical format. 36.17mm X 24.11mm, 43.47mm diagonal
  • Aspect Ratio: 3-2
  • Number of Outputs: 1, 2 or 4
  • Charge Capacity: 20,000 electrons
  • Dark Current: 7 electrons (photodiode)
  • Dynamic Range: 44 dB
  • Blooming Suppression: > 300X
  • Max Frame Rates: Quad = 4 fps, Dual = 2 fps, Single = 1 fps

Available Options For This FLI MicroLine Camera System...

  • 25mm Mechanical Shutter Option
  • 45mm Mechanical Shutter Option
  • 63.5mm Mechanical Shutter Option (recommended)
  • Anti-Dew Technology (ADT) Option - Available for all Microline cameras with the 63.5mm shutter, so if you want this option on this camera, you will need to purchase the 63.5mm shutter option as well. In most environments, the temperature of camera window will be above the dew point. In some cases dew may form on the outside of the camera window due to the combination of high humidity, ambient temperature and the window temperature. The ADT corrects this problem, allowing for operation in very humid environments.
  • Standard Liquid Cooling Option: For applications that require the ultimate in cooling and/or require heat dissipation to occur away from the camera body.
  • Liquid Cooling Option with Double Shut-Off: For applications that require the ultimate in cooling and/or require heat dissipation to occur away from the camera body but with the added feature of double-shut off valves.
  • Liquid Cooling Option with Dry Disconnect: For applications that require the ultimate in cooling and/or require heat dissipation to occur away from the camera body but with the added feature of dry disconnect valves.

If you would like any of the options listed in the above information, please either click on the links and then add your choices to your shopping cart, or visit the Accessories section to see a full list of options. If you aren't sure which options are best for your set-up, please feel free to contact us by email or phone at 1-800-483-6287 and we will be happy to put together a custom package just for you! Thank you.

Finger Lakes Instrumentation Product Number: ML29050M-2