FLI Kepler KL4040 CMOS Front Illuminated Camera

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  • FLI Kepler KL4040 CMOS Front Illuminated Camera

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    • USB3.0 (3 Gbps)
    • Liquid and/or Air Cooled
    • Deep Cooling (up to 55°C below ambient)
    • LDR and HDR modes
    • Reaches operating temperatures in 5 minutes
    • 14.3 stops of dynamic range

    FLI Kepler KL4040 CMOS Front Illuminated Camera

    The KL4040 scientific CMOS camera has the same pixel size and imaging area as the popular 16803 CCD Sensor. What makes is special is that it has half the noise and 40% higher quantum efficiency than 16803. This Kepler cooled CMOS cameras provides ultra-high sensitivity, extremely-low noise, and high frame rates, all at a game-changing price to performance ratio.

    The KL4040 is ideal for low-light applications including Confocal Microscopy, Light Sheet Microscopy, TIRF and GFP, Orbital Debris Detection, Super-Resolution Microscopy.

    Supplied with three operational modes: High Gain, Low Gain, and High Dynamic Range. Depending on which mode you choose to use your can either shoot 24 (HDR) or 48 (LDR) frames per second at full resolution.In the High Dynamic Range, mode will be able to capture 14.3 stops of Dynamic range for in both long exposure and video modes

    Additional Information

    ADC16 bit
    Back focus15.2mm
    Bayer MatrixMonochrome
    Camera ConnectionFLI Dovetail
    Delta T55°C Below Ambient
    Dynamic Range14.3 Stops
    Full Rez Frame Rate24fps
    Full Well70ke
    Max Frame Rate48fps
    Mega Pixels16.8 mp
    Peak QE58%
    Pixel Array4096 x 4096
    Pixel Size9 microns
    Power Consumption12v 4.22A DC
    Read Noise3.7e
    Sensor Diagonal52.1mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorGPixel GSense4040
    Weight3 lbs

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