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FLI CCD230-84-1-145 Grade 1 - 90mm Shutter


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FLI CCD230-84-1-145 Grade 1 - 90mm Shutter

The Cobalt Series FLI CCD230-84-1-145 Grade 1 Camera with a 90 mm Shutter. Cobalt cameras are Cooled CCD Cameras, designed for large sensors and high powered cooling systems.

This camera features e2v's back-illuminated CCD230-84 (4K x 4K, 15 micron pixels). 

Every Cobalt camera includes FLI's 4-point sensor tilt control system. The Optical Correction System (OCS) compensates for sensor packaging tolerances and/or optical path tilt, ensuring that your optics are never tilted relative to the camera’s large sensor.