FLI Research Grade 65mm Square LRGB Filter Set

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FLI Research Grade 65mm Square LRGB Filter Set

FLI Research Grade 65mm Square LRGB Filter Set

FLI's Research Grade 65mm Square H-Alpha Filter's are of the highest quality, made to the highest standards with the finest production methods. Each and every one is coated in a durable AR coating on both of the filter's surfaces, ensuring that they are highly durable to scratches and dents- with a scratch/dig resistance rating of 60/40. These coatings are of course applied with extreme, exacting precision to make sure they do not impair the filter's performance of their primary intended function. Transmitted wavefront is better than .25 wave/inch at 635nm. Research grade filters are 5 +/- 0.05mm, par focal +/- 0.2mm, (filters start par focal +/- 0.1mm per recipe). Parfocal to f/4.5.

This is a set of four filters; a Luminance Filter, a Red Filter, a Green Filter, and a Blue Filter. These are used with a monochrome camera to produce the highest quality full color images of astrological phenomae. How? It's simple, really- a Monochrome camera captures a higher level of detail than a Color one, that's a given- highly detailed images, but ones lacking color. This is solved by using filters like these here- each adding a single segment of the R-G-B color spectrum! Then you layer the images using software, and have produced a full color image of notably higher quality than you would have received if you'd used a color camera to begin with. Unmounted, this filter will fit into filter wheels made to accept 65mm filters.



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