Farpoint Super Collimation Kit with Hard Carrying Case

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Farpoint Super Collimation Kit with Hard Carrying Case

Farpoint's 2-Inch Super Collimation Kit comes with everything you could ever need to quickly and properly collimate your telescope. 

650nm Laser Collimator

Made from a single piece of aluminum, this perfectly aligned collimator an aperture that's on par with the best possible in the industry. Because of this fantastic engineering, you're guaranteed to have a crisp and compact collimator for unbeatable precision. On top of this, it has a combo stepped barrel for both 1.25" and 2" slots, ensuring that whatever system you're using is compatible. 

2" Cheshire

Farpoint 2″ Cheshire Collimator is a precision-machined, red anodized alignment tool for 2″ apertures, is practically indestructible, and requires no batteries.

A Cheshire eyepiece or Cheshire collimator consists of a peephole that is inserted into the telescope focuser in place of the eyepiece. Ambient light falls on the brightly painted oblique back of the peephole. Images of this bright surface are reflected by the mirrors or lenses of the telescope and can thus be seen by a person peering through the hole. A Cheshire eyepiece contains no lenses or other polished optical surfaces.

2" Autocollimator

This model is widely considered to be the best autocollimator on the market!  Made from sturdy machined, anodized aluminum, creating the perfect tool for the final precision telescope alignment adjustment step.

Hard Carry Case

Complete with a hard carry case, everything in this kit can be kept clean and safe from the elements. 

Kit also includes a mirror spotting template and triangle center spots to help simplify the process of center spotting a primary mirror.




  • 650nm Laser Collimator
  • 2" Cheshire
  • 2" Autocollimator
  • Hard Carry Case