Farpoint ABS Front Cover for Celestron 8" SCT

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Farpoint ABS Front Cover for Celestron 8" SCT

Farpoint ABS Front Cover for Celestron 8" SCT

Manufactured by Farpoint, this virtually indestructible plastic telescope cover is sized for the Celestron 8" SCT. The cover is incredibly impact resistant- refusing to dent, chip or deform in any way at all, and thus ensuring that they will both always fit snugly to the scope's front, and look their absolute best. The cover has a full diameter felt seal to keep dust and dirt away from your telescope's delicate corrector plate. Furthermore, the cover contains a molded pocket that holds a rechargeable desiccant box. Now you can be free from worrying about moisture forming on your telescope's corrector plate when you pack up for the night! The desiccant box can regenerated in a microwave in just a few minutes (before you go out observing) and has a lifetime of thousands of uses. What is more, the covers have a raised center section so as to permit the use of aftermarket secondary collimation knobs such as "Bob's Knobs".

Manufacturer Product Number: 550