Farpoint 1.25" Blue Reflective Chesire Collimator

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Farpoint 1.25" Blue Reflective Chesire Collimator

Farpoint Astro 1.25" Cheshire Collimator - Blue

The Cheshire collimation device is the most simple, intuitive tool made for adjusting the primary mirror collimation in a Newtonian telescope system. And now, thanks to Farpoint Astro, it's one of the most attractive, too!

The Farpoint Astro 1.25" Cheshire eyepiece is relatively insensitive to poor fit in the focuser since many (especially inexpensive) focusers are oversize. This design flaw leaves laser collimators cold since a loose fit means the laser beam is aligning in the wrong spot. For this reason, we suggest using the Far Point Astro 1.25" Cheshire Eyepiece in conjunction with our single beam laser collimator. First use the laser to adjust the alignment of the secondary mirror, then adjust the primary mirror alignment using the Cheshire. With this technique, we align our scopes in under two minutes!

Each Far Point Cheshire Collimator includes four primary mirror marking triangles and detailed, illustrated instructions. An alignment template for applying the triangles onto mirrors up to 12.5" diameter is also included. The template has metric sized marks for import telescopes as well as domestic models. For those with mirrors larger than 12 inches, Far Point Astro offers larger templates (sold seperately) or a free pattern download for those who wish to print their own.

To use the Farpoint Astro Cheshire collimation system, a reflective triangle center "spot" is applied to the primary mirror in a one-time application process. Once applied, all one needs to do in order to align the primary mirror is insert the collimator into the telescope eyepiece holder. Look through the sight hole and adjust the primary mirror collimation knobs to center the reflective triangle in the image of the white ring projected by the collimator. The system works in daylight or and night with the aid of a dim astro-flashlight aimed down the telescope tube.


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